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The Moscow City Council has discussed a noise problem in capital

How to relieve Muscovites of city noise which does not give them rest in the afternoon, at night? This question was discussed yesterday by the commission of the Moscow municipal duma on the ecological policy with the assistance of representatives of management of Rospotrebnadzora across Moscow, c law enforcement bodies, and also departments of transport and communication, city building and others.

According to the head mosekomonitoringa Evgenii Semutnikovoj, a noise problem in capital costs on the second place after air pollution. Its admissible level should not exceed 45 decibels. Devices of ecologists of this department almost everywhere fix excess of this indicator on 20 - 50 percent. Protected from it it is possible to feel itself in Moscow unless in especially protected natural territories, where to rustle there is nothing, and penalties for silence infringement - considerable. So, for fans poorat in park this pleasure will manage in 3 - 4 thousand roubles, for officials - 30 thousand roubles, and for legal bodies - 300 thousand roubles.

Most noisy in a city - motor transport. It annoys inhabitants almost on 70 percent of the city territory, thus decibels of buses, legkovushek and trucks on the average exceed norm on 25 decibels. 8 percent of territory of Moscow suffer from the railway noise which loudness reads off scale for norm for 30 percent. Even more strongly - for 40 percent, truth, quickly, exceed noise level flights of planes over Moscow.

Most of all population complaints arrives on noise at night from building sites. In particular, from 300 complaints which have arrived for last year, 70 percent were on zabivanie piles and a roar of builders. 11 more percent of townspeople expostulated on noise from cars.

to Find a justice on infringers of silence difficultly as the penalties provided by the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences are too insignificant. The exception is made only by penalties for not co-ordinated building at night which can be to 300 thousand roubles. And, for example, the owner of the car, whose alarm system has woken the whole quarter, can get off with the prevention of the inspector of traffic police or the penalty in 100 roubles. The fan to sing at o`clock when neighbours sleep, will pay one - two thousand roubles. Besides without the permission the inspector with the special device for noise measurement even accompanied by the militiaman will not get to apartment.

- Even more the difficult situation with small and average business, - told Bobkova. - Under the federal legislation activity can be checked not more often time in three years. The companies which are engaged in trading activity on the ground floors of residential buildings, break silence daily.

As has explained the chairman of commission MGD on the ecological policy Vera Stepanenko, it is available sheer failure in the legislation with which it is necessary to fill.

As she said, to resist accruing to a rumble we can only law creation About noise in the city of Moscow . Therefore in the near future our commission will dispatch the request in all interested departments to be connected to work on its working out .