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The pension law has arrived for discussion of the French Constitutional council

Life in France gradually enters into a normal track.

On full power 12 oil refining factories of the country are started all. 95 percent of filling stations please motorists with a fuel totality. Refuel - I do not want.

it is sharp on brakes have struck and the leading professional centres of the country: last from the days of uniform protest actions spent by them, the seventh under the account, has deduced on streets in two with superfluous time of less people. Certainly, the school vacation dated by a holiday has affected it - to Day of all sacred. But not in a smaller measure and weariness: after all the ill-starred bill has been approved in both chambers of parliament, and it means what to turn events back to trade unions and left-wing parties supporting them it will not be possible.

However, last round of demonstrations is planned for November, 6th, apparently. As here many believe, hardly trade unions will manage to inflate an extinct fire of the French revolt. Yes, actually, they before themselves also do not put now such purpose, and prepare to coming, most likely in the beginning of the next year, to negotiations with the authorities and businessmen on other social themes.

So who has won in this fierce fight how now recognise in the Elisejsky palace, hardly was not put the country on a side of one of the most dangerous for history of the Fifth republic of crisis?

the Unique winner is our system of social insurance - has declared thereupon Nicolas Sarkozy and has added: As soon as the law will be signed, pensions of Frenchmen will receive full financial maintenance and then national solidarity will not be an empty word . The president has completely not casually emphasised a word combination national solidarity . After all this principle underlies pension system existing much decade according to which working Frenchmen do payments in fund, and from it pensions to present pensioners already pay.

It is necessary to recognise that till recent times it functioned without failures, providing the senior generation quite decent standard of life. If to consider that the average salary in France makes approximately 1500 - 1600 euros a month, and with leaving on rest the person who has fulfilled put number of years, receives within 65 - 70 percent from it the average pension fluctuates within 1000 - 1150 euros. By the way, the bottom limit of old-age pensions makes now 708 euros.

But here in what a problem: in France, as, actually, and in other EU countries, along with life expectancy increase so, and pensioners, the number of the active population is reduced. Nowadays on one pensioner, according to the French statisticans, than two are necessary hardly more working, in the completely not not remote prospect the number of those and others will be made even. All it has led to that the present pension system began to go to pieces, and its deficiency has exceeded 30 billion euro. Nicolas Sarkozy has faced a dilemma: to increase taxes from the population, and it in the beginning of the presidency it is oath has promised it not to do, or to reform parametres of formation of pensions.

the second, less painful way Has been selected. We will notice that on this step the Elisejsky palace was pushed also by a severe economic reality: from - for financial crisis the budgeted deficit of France this year should make 8 percent of gross national product, that is in two with superfluous time above a marginal level established for the countries of a zone of euro. In these conditions Paris, as well as the European capitals, have been compelled to go for measures of rigid economy that has inevitably concerned also pensions.

So, have ceased storms, and approved by both chambers of parliament the document these days is transferred in the Constitutional council on what representatives of oppositional Socialist party have insisted. According to this text, and it is a question of more than 90 pages of amendments and additions to the labour code and the social insurance code, the pension age in the country will be increased by 2018 with 60 till 62 years. It will gradually grow, for four months in a year. This measure will concern the workers who were born in 1951 and later. The experience necessary for reception of pension, - from these 40 years to 41 years and three months increases also.

Together with this law identical payments are entered into a pension fund both in private, and in state sectors. The matter is that earlier state employees deducted in fund of 7,85 percent from zar payments, and private traders - 10,55 percent. This rupture will be liquidated for the nearest 8 - 10 years.

Certainly, a power method to which pribegnul Nicolas Sarkozy, has had not on customs to the majority of Frenchmen. After all they are rather sensitive to all encroachments on their social gains.

But there is no place to disappear. Present France at all that that at the time of the nice thirtieth anniversary as here name post-war years of dynamical development of economy. It is necessary to see the matter really and, as they say, to stretch legs on odezhke.