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Since September, 1st, 2011 elementary school passes to the new federal standard

With 1   September, 2011 elementary school passes to the new federal standard. If before parents most of all excited, whom take in the first class and who - is not present, this year the most important question: how will learn now their children?

we Will remind, new standards, as a matter of fact, are aimed at that the educational institution worked as school of full day (wrote about it in numbers from 15. 10 and 19. 10). For this purpose at elementary school 10 hours per week of out-of-class work are provided. What means? Certainly, not additional lessons of subjects, and developing employment. What? The school, proceeding from the possibilities chooses.

In the Moscow centre of formation N 1881 which as a pilot platform has already passed to new standards, teachers have developed programs of additional employment.

- to Pupils we have offered lego - designing, outdoor games, rhythmics, drama school, a psychological course Learn to be self-controlled - the director of the centre of formation Elena Spiridonov tells. - the most inquisitive can choose design activity. For example, children are offered to go on excursion round school and to describe all plants which it will meet. Or to study all inhabitants of the Moscow zoo. And it very much is pleasant to children!

Two out-of-class employment - obligatory, other - for choice. On the average the pupil spends at school three - four additional hours per week. But it is possible to remain, of course, and on all ten - nobody forbids. The main thing that teachers are ready to it. In all additional out-of-class hours they get a rise to a salary, as for usual lessons. So the average salary at teachers of initial classes has increased. New standards do not assume superfluous work for the same money. On the contrary, they provide possibility podrabotki at teachers of initial classes, and for them, especially in Russian dotatsionnyh regions, it is one of the sore points. After all the teacher`s rate there 6 - 7 thousand roubles.

Out-of-class employment in the formation centre begin with two o`clock in the afternoon. From twelve to two - a break. Someone from children goes home, someone - in prodlenku. The schedule of the teacher have made in August and have shown to parents that there were no complexities with musical and sports schools.

About results of experiment to speak while early, but, according to teachers, children go on additional employment with pleasure. Interests of teachers too are observed. Problems have arisen only with prodlenkoj - it was necessary to change its schedule.

At well equipped schools with modern buildings, spacious sports and music halls of complexities at transition to the new standard, probably, will not be. And here what the rest? How to be, for example, to rural schools, especially malokomplektnym where all lessons pass in one premise, and physical culture at any time year - in the street?

Still nuance - having passed to the new standard, usual schools will draw children from musical and sports special schools. The last, at least, should alter the schedule. And even at all it to reconsider not to duplicate employment. Who will win in a competition - is not clear yet. But in many Russian regions local managements of formation and culture have already planned joint meetings to discuss a situation and not to throw a monkey-wrench into the works each other. For example, in Chuvashiya where at schools of arts 14 percent of children are engaged almost, very much would not like to worsen an indicator and within the next few days in minkulte will discuss the new standard from the point of view of its influence on art.