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In Ufa first aid it is possible to cause on SMS

Station of the first help of Ufa has started to accept the information on a call of a brigade of doctors to the patient on SMS - to messages.

However, use such service invalids on hearing which not in a condition to cause doctors in the usual way can only - having called by phone.

- Telephone numbers of people which from - for hearing losses cannot and speak, we have brought in the special list, - the head physician of an urban service of the first help of Marat Ziganshin has told to the correspondent. - After SMS - the demand arrives on station, we check, whether phone number of the subscriber enters into this list, and then we place it in the general information system in the form of a usual call.

the Similar innovation considerably simplifies a call of a brigade of doctors for nonspeaking people. And development of information technology which take root recently into work SSMP of a city, improve quality of rendering of medical aid to all population. The arrival time of doctors to the patient is reduced also.

- For example, equipment of a motor pool of station of the first help of Ufa by system GLONASS/ GPS - navigation has allowed to save only for nine months 2010 more than one and a half millions roubles on gorjuche - lubricants, - has underlined Marat Ziganshin.

the Modern navigating system besides the strict account of run and fuel consumption allows to supervise also an actual site of brigades of the first help, time of their arrival for a call, optimises movement routes. All for the sake of one purpose - as soon as possible to help the patient.