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The contract on a zone of free trade of the CIS can be signed in the end of the year

On Friday at a meeting of representatives of member countries EvrAzEs in St.-Petersburg Vladimir Putin clearly has let know that Russia is ready to discuss zeroing of the customs duties on the Russian oil for Belarus only after ratification of all package of documents by Minsk on uniform economic space.

But it was right at the end, and the beginning developed positively and corresponded to achievements of economic policy of the CIS countries, working as Putin was expressed, for the sake of interests of our citizens . First of all the goods turnover increase should affect interests between the countries of Commonwealth which for first eight months has increased almost by 30 percent in comparison with the similar period of last year and has exceeded 120 billion dollars. It means that we operate with you in a correct direction, - the chairman of the Russian government, - so has declared, it is necessary to keep the achieved rate and to solve the remained problems .

to Help not to get off from the set course to the Commonwealth countries owe the contract on a zone of free trade of the CIS, including number of effective standards of the WTO and concerning cancellations of the customs duties and quantitative restrictions in mutual trade. To signing, Putin at session of council of heads of the governments of the CIS has expressed confidence, it can be ready already till the end of this year, despite remaining separate remarks. the contract urged to replace obsolete positions of the agreement on a zone of free trade from 1994, should become reliable legal base for successful development of business partnership on Commonwealth space - the head of the Russian government has declared.

Vladimir Putin has acted with one more, already offered earlier the initiative of development of communication between the CIS countries. He has confirmed readiness of Russia to transfer in rent to the Commonwealth countries for 50 years the former pavilions of corresponding republics USSR for purely symbolical payment in 1 rouble for a year. By the way, in September of this generosity Belarus and Kirghizia have already used.

Discussion of the further strengthening of relations has proceeded already on mezhgossovete EvrAzES where activity of the Center of high technologies of EvrAzES became the first occasion to a mutual consent and approval. On its account already six approved innovative projects which take place now examination in the Euroasian bank of development. such work all-important modernisations in a context of our economy, their diversification and advancing technological development - Vladimir Putin has declared. The note about importance of creation within the limits of Community of court which in particular, will consider disputes between the companies became its other remark. it is very important that to this specialised body access not only the organisation states, but also managing subjects, including from the third countries " will have; - the prime minister has noted. After all if disputes successfully dare, also investment appeal of markets EvrAzEs too will raise.

And here to the Customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in this plan to expect it is necessary nothing, as investors already trust in its prospects. Vladimir Putin has declared it, acting at session of the Supreme body of the HARDWARE at level of heads of the governments. The HARDWARE commission, on its opinion, works harmoniously and effectively, despite small failures and malfunctions. But the Uniform custom duties operate, the Customs code operates, and consequently Investors, including foreign, have felt that the HARDWARE became a reality, and already build the plans for development, proceeding from new integration possibilities . However, novelty of integration possibilities extends not only on foreign business, but also on the whole countries. Therefore Putin has called partners from Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for closer cooperation within the limits of various projects, including EvrAzES and the HARDWARE. from its part we will welcome only more active participation of Ukraine in work of these organisations - the Russian prime minister has added, approving its growing interest to work within the limits of two structures.

Leading of the first results of work of the HARDWARE has systematically led chairmen of the governments to discussion of formation of uniform economic space. Here again Putin has expressed confidence that Moscow, Minsk and Astana will manage to co-ordinate documents on EEP to a meeting of presidents on December, 9th. For this purpose the chairman of the Russian government, and also the head of the governments of Belarus and Kazakhstan Sergey Sidorsky and Brown Masimov have signed the big block of documents from a package of agreements on formation EEP. And signing of one more number of papers which are highly readiness, can be dated for the summit of presidents three in December.

Nevertheless, despite weight of assurances of prime ministers that the HARDWARE works successfully, the delicate question, concerning cancellations of export duties on Russian oil products delivered to Belarus, has all the same had an effect. It was lifted by the Belarus prime minister Sergey Sidorsky who has addressed earlier in the Higher economic court of the CIS with the offer to cancel export duties for the Russian oil before ratification of documents about EEP. As a result the court recommended to accelerate consideration of a question with pricing. But only only recommended.

- Decisions of the Higher economic court have recommendatory character, - Vladimir Putin parried, - but we are ready to them to listen and consider this question provided that Minsk will observe the signed contracts. Only one small remark: we have agreed about possibility of cancellation of the export customs duties on crude oil not at signing of all package of documents on EEP, and at ratification of this package.

it is natural, oil has caused conversation on a theme of the second making force of Russia - gas. Here again the Russian prime minister has admitted hypothetical possibility of discussion of the price on blue fuel with the Belarus partners.

- We are ready to discuss the prices for gas though they and so are minimum, - Putin has told with Belarus. - is not present more low. More cheaply, than Belarus, from our foreign consumers gas is not received by anybody.

By the way

Vladimir Putin has confirmed organising committee structure Formulas - 1 led by vitse - prime minister Dmitry Kozakom.