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Spartak will lead a key match of a group round of League of champions against Marseilles

Within the limits of penultimate round of League of champions it is red - white will accept in Luzniki the main competitor in group F for the second permit in plej - off French Marseilles . The first behind itself has ahead of schedule staked out London Chelsea .

And tomorrow the Ruby in Kazan will play with Danish Copenhagen . For eks - the champion of Russia of game navylet have already begun: any outcome, except a victory, will cross out hopes of a command of Kurbana Berdyeva to leave group.

In the Moscow match strategic advantage will be on the party of owners: in the first match which has taken place on the Velodrome Spartak has pulled out at Marseilles a victory with the minimum account. A victory in Luzniki guarantees It is red - white an exit in the following stage of tournament irrespective of an outcome of matches in last round as advantage in personal meetings will be on the party of wards of Valery Karpin.

Basically Spartak can be content and neutral result but then it will be necessary for Muscovites to win on a visit Slovak to Zhilin therefore as on unmotivated Chelsea at which weight of the problems, in a meeting with Marseilles especially it is not necessary to count.

To solving game it is red - white have approached not in the best functional and psychological condition. The day before Spartak has conceded in basic derbi CSKA - 1:3. When it is red - white have started to miss threads of game and time of replacements has appeared in time, it became clearly visible that the club does not have no reserve. Before a meeting with Marseilles is a main problem Spartaka . Parshivljuk, are injured by Ari Alex, in a match with soldiers Andrey Ivanov has received damage. Not that what to strengthen game would nobody Valery Karpin, to type a starting lineup. The instructor of Muscovites did not begin even to hide that envies the vis-a-vis Dide Deshamu who has possibility easy to vary structure Marseilles without damage to command game.

In the circumstances Karpin especially hopes for support of fans today in Luzniki and, probably, not unreasonably. To the middle of last week on a match with Marseilles it has been sold 35 thousand tickets.

It is not necessary to forget that for Frenchmen today`s game too the especial. The goalkeeper marseltsev named a meeting with Spartakom the small ending and the instructor of Frenchmen of Dide Desham of passion has preferred not to force: For us it will be not a life and death match, and simply game which will decide our destiny in League of champions .

the statement of the proprietress of club Margarita Lui - Drejfjus has much more categorically sounded:

- the club Management has enclosed the big means in a command to strengthen structure and to leave in the following round of League of champions, - has noted Drejfjus. - the Departure from League would become for us very big disappointment, if not a failure.

the Situation in which has pleased Kazan the Ruby quite pulls on the status of the critical. The command of Kurbana Berdyeva has not gained in this group cycle of any victory and has literally driven itself into a corner. Besides that it is necessary for citizens of Kazan to win Kopenganen on Wednesday and a bit later Barcelona on Kamp Nou . Even if all it to the Ruby udast sja, a victory of Danes in a house match over a Panatinaikos Will cross out all diligence of the Kazan club.

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on November, 23rd, Tuesday


20:30 Spartak - Marseilles - a direct transmission

on November, 24th, environment

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20:30 the Ruby - Copenhagen - a direct transmission