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Sergey Sobjanin has charged to accelerate rates of building of stations of the capital underground

the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has charged to accelerate rates of building of stations of the capital underground and to pass to their designing on the basis of standard projects, instead of individual. it is necessary to project stations under standard projects, instead of on individual - Sobjanin on Monday has noted during visiting of under construction station novokosino .

He has added that at transition to typical building of the price should be more low. if we pass to serial typical building, the prices should be more low a minimum on 20 % - Sobjanin has told, addressing to the chief of the Moscow underground Dmitry Gaevu.

Besides, the mayor has declared necessity of transition to line building. It has explained that work should be conducted on different sites. Work should go stage by stage - we begin pouring, concrete works, at other station it is necessary to pass to installation, to another - to pusko - adjustment. It is necessary to rethink technologies - Sobjanin has noted. He has charged Gaevu to create a staff for realisation of this work.

Besides, according to Sobjanina, it is necessary to accelerate building of stations and to reconsider building specifications. The capital town governor also has declared necessity of purchase modern prohodcheskoj technicians. we saw the advanced prohodcheskie combines, at which productivity prohodki above twice - the mayor has told.

Sobjanin also has asked Gaeva how there are works at station novokosino . Guys has explained that initially site novogireevo - Novokosino it was supposed to construct for 36 months, but as a result of application of modern technologies of building this term was reduced till 26 months. Station start-up is planned on the third quarter 2012.

Specifications should be reconsidered on terms, they should be optimum - are not maximum on terms, and are minimum - Sobjanin has told. It has charged to reduce term of building of station novokosino till 24 months. speed of building should be not 36 months, and 24 - he has told to Gaevu.

Sobjanin also has scarified metrostroevtsev for absence of the design documentation. why for three years you have not typed the design documentation? Without the design documentation it is impossible to build - Sobjanin has told. It has explained that in the absence of the documentation this year building of three kilometres of lines of the underground, next year - four kilometres, and for 2012 - any is planned.

the Chief of underground, in turn, has informed that in 2011 metrostroevtsy plan to leave for building of 30 kilometres of lines of underground. However, as he said, it will be a spadework, in 2011 the site " will open only; Marino - Zjablikovo in the extent of 4,3 kilometres. Sobjanin has declared that is necessary to develop work on a maximum . Inhabitants interest not our underground kovyrjanie and reserves, and an exit - the mayor has concluded.