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To 100 - letiju from the date of Tolstoy`s death the exhibition " has opened; the Astapovsky meridian

When you approach on settlement of city type Lev Tolstoi, you see the joyful roadside index: Lev Tolstoi. Happy journey! but happiness thus why - that you do not test.

here at a junction rjazansko - the Ural railway on November, 20th (new style) 1910 in a small house of station-master Ivan Ozolina Tolstoy has died. It has occurred at 6 o`clock 5 minutes of morning. Weather was foggy, dank, at night the temperature fell below zero, and in the afternoon from the sky the disgusting drizzle fell. Night in Astapove before Tolstoy`s death the journalist Moscow " here is how described; Copeck Newspapers V.A.Gotvald: the Earth has slightly frozen slightly, and from above not that small rain drops, not that something sklizkoe, disgustingly cold silently fall... On railway lines through a fog as - that red alarm lanterns especially ominously blink. In a garden broken before a historical small house, there are some birches. Their branches are covered by an ice-covered bark. At the slightest whiff of a breeze of a branch face, the ice bark rings and crackles and the rumble reminding any far, unimaginably sad sounds of music is created. It seems, as if where - that assemblies of unknown beings in the distance sob...

Just the same weather, one to one, was at station Lev Tolstoi after hundred years. On birch branches before a porch of the house of Ozolina rain drops hung. Very probably that at night they too ringed.

Nevertheless the mood of public was raised. For a lion - tolstovtsev namely so are called and inhabitants of settlement Lev Tolstoi similar events name each other happen infrequently. Approximately once in hundred years. Hundred years ago here what for - that has arrived to die the most well-known writer of the world, having made unknown station Astapovo well-known for the whole world. Today by century of death of this odd fellow have restored not only the house of Ozolina, but also a station building, and all ancient houses adjoining to it and structures, moreover and have opened in settlement grandiose cultural - the educational centre. For small town it very much - is a lot of Lipetsk region. So a lion - tolstovtsy are grateful to Tolstoy. And to be renamed back in astapovtsev do not want. Meanwhile opening solemn meeting the governor of the Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev long before 100 - letija has proposed to return Astapovu the primary name. And it, of course, too is reasonable.

After Oleg Koroleva acted have presented the Russian railways. Thanks to the Russian Railway the station and a museum complex are resulted in the ideal order quite answering to the European level. For example, huge means have been allocated only for that a wooden small house of Ozolina which destroyed zhuchok, to restore, instead of to erect on its place a model - new affairs. It is the European approach!

In the house of Ozolina diligence of the State museum of L.N.Tolstoy in Moscow open an exposition under the name the Astapovsky meridian . Symbolics of the name the such. Leaving and Tolstoy`s death is the meridian, divided two epoch, at Tolstoy and after Tolstoy. Now in the house of Ozolina tourists can track all basic stages of life of Tolstoy: the childhood, caucasus, Sevastopol, the beginning of literary work, spiritual revolution, work on hunger in Begichevke, home life, leaving and death. To each stage the separate room is taken away. And survey in that room where the genius has died and where on the same wall-paper we can and to see today inscriptions of the people shaken by this event comes to an end.

After meeting ceremonial meeting in recreation centre where acted the director " has taken place; the Clear Glade Vladimir Tolstoy and writer Valentine Kurbatov. Director GMT Vitaly Remizov conducted session. He declared that all actions pass against the international scientific symposium which will last five days.

At opening cultural - the educational centre of all visitors treated with a vegetarian dinner. On - tolstovski.