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Discussion in: whether the citizen with gangsters Should struggle?

Alexander Asmolov , the psychologist:

- I consider that the citizen should, and the main thing, can struggle with gangsters. But I want to make a reservation at once - do not throw off from accounts the state, differently it will throw off us. Unfortunately, the state not always can provide to us the protection. As it happens in Krasnodar territory.

What to do in this case? Where to run behind the help? I am convinced that, despite fear and horror which is installed by gangsters, at citizens all - taki is set of resources which will help to overcome fear and to win gangsters.

First of all we should understand that today along with ideals, which define culture development (an equality ideal, the justice ideal) in the world has appeared a new ideal - a safety ideal. It became the main line of development of civilised countries. I speak not about military safety, and about the information. When in the country network communications, possibilities of social networks develop, it (we were convinced literally for the last years) is one of unique resources of human safety. One more resource - mass media.

After all a terrible situation in a village Kushchevsky where morons not kept one year inhabitants in awe, we have seen thanks to mass-media. And it proves that the journalist can act today as the assistant and the defender.

That else the citizen can make, it having appeared defenceless? Well, certainly, to unite.

And the best example for me in this sense there was that has occurred during summer fires. Then volunteers had been created a site thanks to which people could help each other irrespective of the state. It was called a help Card . You at all do not represent, skolkim to people it has helped to find each other and pochustvovat that in this world someone cares of them, someone remembers them. And it is far not the unique project. Remember, for example, the action Dark blue buckets . And such examples today more and more. And unless not the public opinion has affected proceeding with the Euronetwork ? Therefore I am assured that there is a hope to reach that coast by means of people who feel that, whatever was the fear, they can be released from it.

Besides it it is necessary to remember that in each region there are Saharovy and Pasternaki who can represent itself as the referential leader. Andrey Saharov was such, Lihachev was such. Such people were, is and will be. But their layer is terribly narrow. The local intelligency - one line, other line of protection - legal experts, today they is in each region. The third line - representatives under human rights. And that in administrative - social structure there are this sort of resources, improbably important.

But there is one resource which personally I would not began to use. I speak about a self-defence resource even within the limits of the law. I never would began to use even the resolved weapon. The matter is that on my weapon there will be a weapon in hands of the one who will shoot without reflecting. The intellectual who has taken the weapon, spends time for decision-making too much: to shoot or not to shoot. The gangster who has taken in hands the weapon, always will shoot faster and more precisely. It is purely psychological characteristic.

At last, I want to tell about one resource about which today it is not fashionable to speak. And nevertheless without boldness happens nothing. This boldness is called civil heroism. To be the civil hero, in my opinion, where it is more difficult, than the military man.


Sergey Shargunov , the writer:

- There is an information that in Kushchevsky all street heard, how there is a bloody robbery. Also what, people did not have not enough solidarity? No, they were so are intimidated that were afraid to be frank in militia already after business became resonant.

Roots of this fear very deep. From people who see day by day how on them depends nothing, it is strange to wait or demand independence and the initiative.

If in this village the organised crime committed excesses for many years, and all edge knew about it, and criminals were not simply criminal authorities, but also statesmen (deputies), strange and ridiculously to ask from usual peace people why they could not organise it resistance.

the Usual person, at all its desire, in most cases not in a condition to counteract a criminal skating rink. To win criminal tops - a problem of the Supreme power. Because today the crime in Russia is too the power.

In 90 - e years we had a great criminal revolution, and we have received the criminalised country.

Certainly, each of us who has though any civil weight and possibilities to give to a publicity event, should try to rustle. To write, say that where - that with impunity corrects a crime.

the Word - written and oral - our weapon in given situatsiii. But usual - that people, they in general without protection. Their protection is an agenda for the state possessing the real power. It is its problem to struggle with the parallel power of a crime.

And to demand from usual people of civil self-defence?! Even in films about gangsters anybody barehanded is not at war with gangsters. And to all of us occurs not at cinema - in real life. And free use of fire-arms has not helped. Oleg Kashin did not have even 20 seconds to answer professonalno to criminals attacking it. And at farmers from a village Kushchevsky, I am assured, in the house there were at least fowling pieces, but there was no possibility to be protected because in the house gangsters have started up lulling gases.

it is necessary to look At this situation more widely. We live in fear atmosphere. We are afraid to mention the mighty of this world, we are afraid to express the opinion. Recently on air of one radio station where there were news about Oleg Kashin, I have seen, how the person of the leader when I began to make comments on them has turned pale: whether a little that leaves! Whether who is not enough behind it costs!

Our fears are not always connected with a crime. And the fear to lose work if you tell to the chief something not that, is not my fear. In our professional environment, in wide journalistic circles on persons of my coevals I see this obvious fear.

As this time of fear to stop? It is necessary to address a question to those who possesses imperious levers and resources. If law-enforcement and judicial systems start to work differently if will return though small trust to them if at least in sensational cases it will be possible to find and punish criminals, only then at people can appear though any trust.

Farmers in Kushchevsky did not sit having closed eyes and did not wait, while all of them will cut, they tried to counteract. But any public publicity changes nothing, when the word loses the weight.