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Dmitry Medvedev has dismissed from army of 11 generals and admirals

In military department personnel shifts proceed. And an epaulet lose including people from an inner circle of the Minister of Defence.

the first deputy of the chief of the Joint Staff Alexander Burutin has got To this list. Under the decree of the president, it is discharged from military service. About the resignation reasons any conversations go to the Minister of Defence. However yet the fact that together with the big stars the former general - the lieutenant will lose the post. In a management of army now many civil people. It is enough to tell that from Anatoly Serdjukova`s present eight assistants only two - military men. The others or, as the minister, especially civilian people, or the generals transferred to the reserve.

it is not excluded that the same destiny is prepared by Burutinu. Especially, experience demilitarisations Administrative board in the Joint Staff is available - Nikolay Makarova`s other assistant - the chief of the Main thing organizational - mobilisation management Vasily Smirnov has some years ago left with lampasami, but not the armchair.

the List otstavnikov was filled up some with the high-ranking officials of Central administrative board of arms. This structure now seriously reconstruct, and general Anatoly Guljaev and head of department Sergey Vasilev, seemingly, were not entered in new states zamrukovoditelja a central board. Their colleague Nikolay Arhipov has lost the post. General Evgenie Safonov also will leave epaulets of the second-in-command Railway armies, and with a post - main vooruzhenets Space armies Alexander Ivanov.

At once four resignations have occurred in Southern military district. They, most likely, are connected with new military - country administrative division. The president has released from posts of the former chief of armoured service SKVO of Vladimir Gulina, eks - the head of service is rocket - artillery arms of district of Nikolay Ostrina and the main thing tylovika 58 - j armies of general Yury Rukovichnikova. Besides, the armchair the chief of investigation already has lost the former Leningrad military district Anatoly Mordvin.

In the list of the admirals dismissed some - Victor Gladkih, Vyacheslav Trofimov, Yury Uvarov, Sergey Kuzmin and Alexander Litenkov. And still the president has sent in resignation of generals Vladimir Kuzheeva and Victor Skrobotova.

the status at the head of a health service of Armed forces of general Alexander Belevitina Has exchanged. Now its post officially is called the chief of the Main thing military - medical management of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation. Simultaneously Belevitin will order Sankt - Petersburg Military - medical academy.

the president has made All resignations and appointments on representation of the Minister of Defence. It is interesting that Anatoly Serdjukov is literally one of these days has published the order, forbidding to build and buy constant habitation for military men in Moscow. For the Minister of Defence - the expensive pleasure, therefore their erection and acquisition decided to limit capital apartments to is minimum necessary office fund. To officers - to persons included in a waiting list and waiting the metres to military pensioners, without dependence from where they served also what posts occupied, at the best it is necessary to choose habitation in near and far Moscow suburbs.