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Russia has presented on an air show in China 70 planes

Cooperation of Russia and China in military - to technical sphere passes in new quality, sellers of the Russian arms consider.

Chzhuhaj - a city in the south of China, for 20 years grown from fishing village in 1,5 - a million megacity. Here the long is erected in the world the bridge (50 km, from them of 35 km - over the sea) which will connect Hong Kong and Macao, two numbers on three strips promise to construct for 6 years. Here the first flight of the Chinese amphibian " recently has taken place; Hajou - 300 ( the Seagull - 300 ), and in 2014 launch of the world`s largest amphibian " is planned; TSzjaolun - 600 ( the Water dragon - 600 ) Which it is planned to let out on 50 pieces in a year. Here time in two years is spent the air show largest in Asia on which China shows all the best that has made and has forced to fly in this time.

This time in Chzhuhaj there have arrived representatives of 35 states, including Russia. In total 70 planes, in the list of participants - 600 companies were exposed almost. Dense there was also a program of flights.

Huge turns stood to the Chinese pride - a cabin and a part of salon of their first big passenger plane With - 919 which, predictably, will fly up in 2014. In days of salon it has been declared the order for first hundred With - 919 that has not so pleased representatives Irkuta : this car can become the strong contender to ours MS - 21.

Chineses have shown in air and the regional plane ARJ21 - 700, on a number of characteristics comparable with Russian Superjet - 100, fighter J - 10, a reminding Instant - 29, and also bomber H - 6, a fighter - bomber JH - 7, the plane of distant radar-tracking prevention KJ - 200 and the helicopter the EXPERT - 313. In space pavilion we have counted more than 240 exhibits, including model of the Chinese companion of sounding of the Moon being in an orbit CHane - 2 and pilotless space station Tjangun - 1 which start is planned for 2011.

Perhaps, for the first time on the international air show there was also a counter with exhibits - vegetables which as it has appeared, have got here thanks to that have grown from the seeds which have visited space. they are much more tasty usual - organizers convinced, noticing that seeds flying in space give simply gigan - tskie fruits: The pumpkin, for example, weighs more than 60 kgs. To try mutants, truth, did not offer.

the Russian exposition looked enough representative and used considerable popularity, anyway a release from Chineses with cameras it was not simple.

According to Sergey Korneva, the chief negotiator Rosoboroneksporta unique for today the state intermediary in export of military technology and the arms, 80 % of the market occupying more and for 10 years sold production on 60 with superfluous mlrd dollars, despite some decrease in volumes of purchases, Beijing remain to one of the major partners of Moscow.

- For 15 years we have spent to China rather serious deliveries, only mark planes the Sou it is sold an order 280, and present recession quite estestven, - he considers. - the market is sated, the technics has a guaranteed life, its service life - till 30 years, we cannot deliver every year all new parties. Therefore today a problem basically it is visible in providing operation and an aftersales service of the put technics.

Besides, according to some experts, the potential remains in such spheres, as sale fighting and military - transport aircraft (about intentions of Russia to deliver to China new Silt - 476, going on change made in Tashkent Silt - 76, also it was told in Chzhuhae), military - the sea technics, air defence systems, carrying out of modernisation during repairs.

Employees Rosoboroneksporta not without pride told that if in 2003 of sale went to 53 countries, today them already for 70. That, at last, it was possible to break on the new perspective market - to Latin America which was traditionally considered in quality an ancestral lands The USA, are carried out contracts with such countries as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazilbja, Uruguay and Cuba, are created preconditions for cooperation with Chile and Ecuador. That for last five years the annual volume of deliveries has grown more than in 2,5 times, having reached 10 mlrd dollars, and the portfolio of orders has increased with 20 to 40 mlrd dollars.

According to the first zamglavy FS VTS Alexander Fomina, despite a portfolio diversification, China along with Algeria, Venezuela and India continues to enter into the four of the largest importers of the Russian arms and military technology - on their share it is necessary about 70 percent of our export. And the withdrawal was outlined in relations with China from a traditional format the seller - the buyer and transition to licence manufacture, a technological transfer, complex cooperation. But here there is one small detail: According to a number of ours oboronshchikov, cooperation should be really mutually advantageous when work is conducted on the themes which are equitable to interests not only Chinese, but also the Russian side. While it is street with one-way traffic.

the Theme unapproved, to put it mildly, copyings of the Russian combat material has arisen and in conversation of journalists with Sergey Kornevym: the agreement on intellectual property protection between the Russian Federation and China is signed two years ago, and structures on its realisation till now is not created. The answer was short: the problem is taken out on the governmental level, we hope that us have heard and henceforth relations will be under construction in a civilised way.