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SK: manufacture on 12 criminal cases of last years in Kushchevsky

In a village Kushchevsky Krasnodar territory Is renewed continues work a staff created on the instructions of the Chairman of Investigatory committee, on investigation heavy and especially the grave crimes made last years. On it informs a press - service SK of the Russian Federation.

manufacture on 12 criminal cases raised by bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor last years on such categories of crimes Now is renewed.

On each criminal case the separate works is investigatory - operative group which structure includes inspectors and criminalists of Investigatory committee, and also operative employees of law-enforcement bodies. To investigation teams in a constant mode assists poligrafolog.

Inspectors already reach positive results both in investigation of criminal cases, and in the course of detection of offences on which earlier in law enforcement bodies it was not informed. Within current week 2 facts of the rapes made in 2009 and 2010 are revealed and decided on the account. Now under these messages are organised dosledstvennye checks.

Besides, workers of central office of Investigatory committee and investigatory management across Krasnodar territory continue to carry out enrolment of citizens on the questions connected with investigation of criminal cases about crimes, made by the criminal group operating in territory of Kushchevsky area.

to the Consequence the information which local residents can inform is extremely important. Thanks to testimony from civilians inspectors will manage to receive the fullest and authentic evidentiary base on perfect crimes.

The day before the head of Investigatory committee Alexander Bastrykin has spent in a village Kushchevsky personal enrolment of citizens. if be afraid, we will code witnesses and we will provide with it the state protection. We intend to count 10 years ago, on all revealed episodes the central office investigation team will work. You should take courage - Bastrykin has told. We will not leave from here, yet we will not listen to all. And if it is required, we will arrive once again - he has added.