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Amendments in UK will cancel limitation periods on crimes against children

the Deputy of the State Duma, the committee-man on the industry Oleg Savchenko on Tuesday has suggested to make amendments to the Criminal code (UK) the Russian Federations cancelling limitation periods on crimes against life and health, sexual inviolability and sexual freedom concerning minors. The corresponding bill is directed on the coordination to the government of the Russian Federation.

the Deputy has expressed hope that colleagues will support its legislative initiative. According to Savchenko, the given amendment will allow with a view of general welfare considerably to lower quantity of crimes against juvenile and minor children by reconciliation of essential contradictions between the fact and the right, in cases when the guilty gets the right to impunity . He has declared that in connection with growth of crimes concerning minors Including, heavy and especially heavy, there was a severe need in acceptance of legislative measures with a view of protection of the child against all forms of the physical or mental violence, all forms of sexual operation, from the illegal use of narcotics .

In October of this year the State Duma has approved in the first reading the presidential bill establishing an interdiction for work with children for persons which have or had a previous conviction, and also are exposed or exposed to criminal prosecution for crimes against sexual inviolability of minors.