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For the debts of citizens not paid in time put for 15 days and fine

For a small debt in some hundreds roubles now it is quite possible to appear on plank beds and to spend in the chamber not one day.

to Put behind bars the malicious defaulter became possible after coming into force of amendments by the spring of this year in the Code about administrative offences. On these changes to police officers have granted the right to make reports on those who has not executed a judgement about imposing of the administrative penalty. Better to say, who has not paid the simple penalty, became the candidate on freedom loss. However, the short-term. For such infringement as the penalty not paid in time, is put administrative arrest within 15 days and the repeated penalty, but already twice more appointed in the beginning.

As a result of the beginning of action of amendments to KoAP under blow there were first of all not simple shtrafniki, and borrowers with a debt and defaulters of the alimony.

Already there are first figures of statistics on such poor fellows - since April of this year only the Moscow suburbs under arrest were visited one and a half ten person. For example, five days were stayed by the citizen for penalty non-payment in 500 roubles. And in Novosibirsk the person paying alimony the court for malicious evasion from payment at first has sentenced to six months of corrective works, but has then changed the mind. The matter is that the man for these works did not leave, then it have sentenced to real term in a colony - settlement.

By data statisticans, women put the same as men. One of these days the borrower with a debt has received nine days of arrest. The married couple took the big credit in bank. But later these people have divorced also a debt have divided. The husband has paid the part, and the wife - is not present. On a judgement its property have arrested. The citizen should sell it, but do it did not become. For infringement of an order to it have still written out some penalties, but also she has not paid them.

At police officers the patience has burst, and one week ago the judge of Mitinsky area had been took out the decision about a recognition of the woman guilty of fulfilment of an administrative offence - penalty non-payment in time. From nine days of arrest on a sentence dolzhnitsa has stayed seven.

Now the service of court enforcement officers in many regions carries out the action In new year - without debts . The Main objective - to force debtors to pay debts. The first experience has been spent in December of last year and is recognised by successful.