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Yandex has found bottlenecks on roads of Moscow

Experts of service Yandex. Stoppers have published the report in which have designated the most problem bottle necks on capital roads. In total thirty problem places where from - for errors proektirovki, incorrectly parked cars and for other reasons traffic jams daily gather appear in the report.

As they say in the service message, the most unpleasant a bottle neck in morning rush hour is a crossing of the Volgograd prospectus and Lublin street. There average speed of movement of a stream before a crossroads makes 3 kilometres per hour, and after - 20 kilometres per hour. In the evening most of all time drivers lose in a stopper on the Leningrad highway before MKAD - on the average half an hour everyone.

Authors of the report also notice that lines on which in rush hours there are deaf stoppers did not take part in research. Interest of experts was caused only by bottlenecks where there is a potential for situation improvement.