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The bus driver, broken into a line Cairo - Hurgada, is accused of unpremeditated murder

Office of Public Prosecutor of Egypt has shown to the driver of the tourist bus which has broken past Friday on a line Cairo - Hurgada, charges in unpremeditated murder of foreign citizens and a tresspass to health on imprudence.

Nine persons were lost also tens have suffered as a result of road accident in 200 kilometres from Hurgada. Among victims of four Russians, two citizens of Ukraine. According to the investigation, the driver - 39 - the summer Ali Jusef Mustafa which considerably have exceeded speed became the originator of failure. It has got serious traumas, but has survived and now is in hospital under police protection. On Monday of the driver on an invalid chair delivered in Office of Public Prosecutor where interrogated within three hours.

It is remarkable that the driver blames for tragedy sitting behind tourists, which, as he said, were drunk and have arranged fight From - for what it has run away by bus. However its words contradict indications of tourists which assert that during a trip repeatedly urged it to lower speed. Moreover, on lobbies sidenijah for the driver there were Egyptians whom it has placed on the way to Hurgada, instead of foreign tourists.

the Egyptian Office of Public Prosecutor also had questions to travel agency Nju - City which has organised excursion without the corresponding permission of the authorities. The head of branch of the company in Hurgada Muhtar al - Bursaidi has been detained, but then released on the security. According to the ministry of tourism of Egypt, the bus belonged to the company whether Dzhanub Sina - nakl the expert - sijahi (Tourist transport of a province Southern Sinai - translation from Arabic). In turn, as the organizer of excursion the company " has acted; Nju - City which rented the bus. Apparently, it is one of the small companies who suggests to get rounds directly in a city more cheaply, than at larger competitors. It explains also that fact that in the bus were having a rest, arrived of the different countries in the area of various travel agencies. The difference in excursion cost to Cairo at the large licensed travel agencies and street makes the companies of an order of 30 dollars.