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In Petersburg has passed the Innovative forum of power effective and power saving up technologies

In a city on Neva the traditional exhibition " has ended; Instrument making . In parallel with it passed the Innovative forum power effective and power saving up technics and technologies.

What destiny of innovations in power and whether they are possible? So the basic question brought for discussion by experts of a forum sounded.

- the Next five years will be key for our power branch. New deposits will be entered. If it does not occur, our economy the most severe energy crisis waits. To prevent it, the new acts resolving use of alternative energy sources are necessary to us, - Nikolay Kirillov, the deserved inventor of the Russian Federation, academician AVN considers.

According to experts, the current condition of a hardware of power station of region does innovations inevitable.

- the Majority of power objects of the country has been constructed in the USSR, to it of more than seventy years. While we are rescued by small requirements of our industry, - Vladislav Salov, the designer of thermal power stations speaks.

the Serious obstacle for realisation of programs of power savings energetik names absence of standard base. Five years ago work on harmonisation of the western and Russian standards has been begun, but even the fifth part of documents till now is not accepted.

- Complexity of advancement of innovations is connected with scale of the country and inevitability of the ordered introduction of innovations in all territory. The branch is characterised by rigid standardization and requirements on safety. And any innovation demands intervention in the standard base regulating branch activity, - Michael Plynsky, the general director of the company on manufacture of the electropanel board equipment considers. In such situation the solving word again remains behind the state.

According to deserved power of Russia, the professor of Polytechnical university Lva Habacheva, the further growth of tariffs it is inevitable. It will allow energetikam to get the foreign equipment in exchange worn out. The expert considers that the branch will be compelled to leave for level of the world prices without which innovations are impossible. Now tariffs in Russia below world in one and a half time. Besides, in the country very modest national produce and huge teplopotreblenie that gives high specific expenses on national produce unit. To change a situation it is possible by means of the optimised management which will allow to bridle the further growth of tariffs.

- to Innovations in power stirs uncertainty of a situation of branches. On the one hand predicted growth of demand for the electric power in the planned volume is not observed yet. On the other hand modernisation and innovations are necessary owing to the big deterioration of fixed capital. The competition at the same time has become tougher and the demand structure has changed - in a prize there will be the one who will take care of introduction of innovative and power effective technologies, - Ivan Sokolov, the general director of the Russian branch of German concern on manufacture of the measuring equipment speaks.

One more measure, according to the expert, restriction of activity of exclusive suppliers of energy can be from the state. Now monopolists do not recognise economy from users that limits the initiative from the innovative companies.

- the Power of Russia is a hi-tech branch which has huge potential for development. For anybody not a secret that process of acceptance and realisation of innovative programs in our country goes extremely hard. It is caused first of all by absence of worthy legislative base, - makes comments on Mars Gazizov, the assistant to the general director of the company on manufacture of electroswitching centres.