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Senators have involved 200 million euro in power saving up projects of Russia

In the Federation Council the structure similar to the presidential commission on modernisation is created.

Senators have decided to bring the contribution to innovative development and have already agreed about attraction of 200 million euro in power saving up projects. Yesterday in an upper chamber building the first session of the Advisory council on innovations, modernisation and power efficiency has taken place at the chairman of the council of Federation. As the head of new division eks - senator Alexander Podlesov has explained, process of formation of council went since summer.

However, despite such small term, results already is: representatives of the largest bank of development of Germany KfW, government officials, vice-president Vneshekonom of bank have gathered in the Federation Council. After all that to national economy to become more power effective, only it is not enough financial resources. Therefore based after three years after the termination of the Second World War the Deutsche Bank has decided to help the Russian regions with creation of power saving up capacities. However the credit institution intends to concentrate on economically strong regions with considerable current consumption: it will be soon selected 2 - 3 regions under building .

Will help German partner veb which, actually, and urged to be put in infrastructural projects. In vebe even the program " is specially created; Innovations and modernisations . Within the limits of it as has explained the vice-president of bank Michael Kopejkin, credits will be given to banks - to partners under 5 annual interest rates with term of return to 7 years. For example, the Russian bank of development has already financed installation of devices of the account of the electric power and water in sotsobektah and houses of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij.

Thus, the Federation Council has decided to give a platform to the Russian and foreign business and thanks to it not to stand aside from a today`s fashion on an innovation. modernisation - the central political theme now - has noticed at session the chief of department of economy and a science of the German embassy in Russia Hajke Pajch. Besides, today the president will hold session of presidium of the State Council of Russia, devoted to housing and communal services reforming, and this branch as any another, needs updating. The head of Council of Federation Sergey Mironov even has compared necessity of reforming of housing and communal services to how the western Germans after falling of the Berlin wall changed all infrastructure in GDR. the housing and communal services in Russia are a black hole where the large quantity of power resources " fails; - the speaker has told, having added that on sofinansirovanie programs on increase of power efficiency the state directs 17 billion roubles. According to Mironov, investments into housing and communal services give the big return, than investments in mineralno - a raw complex as pay off through 3 - 5 years.

the chairman of the board is convinced Of the return Russian - the German foreign trade chamber Michael Kharms who has foretold that power savings, at first it will be expensive, and only then it will be possible to save something . In its opinion, in Russia it is necessary to establish economically defensible tariffs for housing and communal services, and also to create power savings cult as it occurs now in Germany. if aliens have arrived to the Earth and would want to find the most solar country it there would be Germany. There the considerable quantity of solar batteries per capita - Kharms told.