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In Mordovia the doctors recognised guilty of death of the child

Unprecedented process for Mordovia, taken place in Krasnoslobodsky district court on charge of physicians local TSRB in death causing to the sick child are condemned, has come to the end with removal of a verdict of guilty.

Criminal case on a scandalous thing of destruction 11 - monthly Eugenes Chernova, Krasnoslobodska which have died in a city hospital one and a half years ago, has been raised by law enforcement bodies after the publication, the first told about this stories.

Parents   the boy - Elena and Andrey Chernovy - and today remember about happened with tears in the face of. Eugene delivered in TSRB with the diagnosis sharp gastroenterit on June, 20th, 2009, on Saturday, on the eve of day of the medical worker - it is possible, therefore to doctors celebrating a holiday had no time for it. Anyway, two days the sick child practically did not receive treatment: The doctor on duty Tatyana Duraeva, accepting the small patient, it was limited to only fluent survey. And when on the night of Monday to Eugene it became absolutely bad, caused by Elena the Draft doctor Nina Jamashkina has not considered it necessary to come to it to chamber. The first dropper to the boy have put only after a holiday, on June, 22nd when the exhausted child suddenly was hammered in spasms on hands at mother. Brigade urgently caused from Saransk medicine of accidents could not help - to rescue to small Eugene it was already late... After death of the kid, having learnt that heart-broken parents have written the application in Office of Public Prosecutor, Jamashkina will think suddenly and will forge Eugene Chernova`s case record, having brought there the data of survey which actually she and has not found time to spend.

Following the results of the spent check experts of Roszdravnadzora on RM have unequivocally laid blame for happened on physicians, however criminal case has been raised only after four months after tragedy. One of these days the court has put an end in sensational business, having proved that the negligence of doctors - 27 - summer Tatyana Duraeva became a cause of death of the boy and 43 - summer Nina Jamashkina are sentenced, accordingly, by one and a half and two years of imprisonment is conditional.

- the court Verdict contains also will lock to be engaged in profession of a physician - on one and a half year for Duraevoj and for two years - for Jamashkinoj. By the way, at the moment of adjudgment both accused in Krasnoslobodsky TSRB any more did not work - they have been dismissed by the order of the head physician even in the autumn of last year, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Krasnoslobodsky area Erdem Buhtinov, acting as a state accuser on the given case has informed. - as to collecting of material indemnification for victims the corresponding claim can be submitted after the sentence will enter validity. At present neither that, nor other party of appeals did not submit.

In conversation with the correspondent parents of the boy have declared what to demand   material indemnification from physicians do not gather.

- anything from them it is not necessary For us, - Andrey Chernov has wearily sighed in a receiver. - Also we will not appeal against against a court verdict too. Certainly, a sentence soft - those who could bury the child, will understand us. But we have endured a terrible grief, and to us painfully once again to chafe this wound. We so were tired in this time: process lasted half a year, has passed ten sessions - and after everyone we long came to the senses... Thanks - that you have helped us to achieve justice. We hope that this court will serve as a lesson for others. It was important to us to tell truth, to call things by their proper names: the doctor who has not come to the sick child, - the criminal. It is everything that we wanted.