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Igor Deniss is recognised by the best football player Zenith in 2010

the Halfback Zenith vitse - captain Igor Deniss is recognised by fans sine - is white - blue the best football player of a command of the sample of 2010. Denisov who has spent in this season of 36 matches, has received the greatest quantity of points. Voting was spent on site FK Zenith .

26 - the summer pupil of football schools turbostroitel and Change Igor Deniss supports Zenith on an extent   already seven and a half seasons. Its debut has taken place in the summer of 2003. During that moment Petersburg commands, the victim some defeats   successively, it has appeared in a difficult situation. And the head coach the Czech expert Vlastimil Petrzhela has dared at a courageous step: has entered   in the basic structure the whole group of young pupils of city football. Among them there was also Igor Deniss, shortly before it noted the 19 - letie.

Zamysel Petrzhely has completely justified: in that season Zenith has taken the second place. Denisov has brought the considerable contribution to success of club. without it beyond the years the judicious young man we hardly   would win silver - known Petersburg sports journalist Leonid Genusov has told after championship end.

Further Igor added every year in skill, maintaining a rigid competition for a place in structure Zenith has grown to level of the player of Russian national team. It in an UEFA Cup final - 2008 has scored solving goal in gate   Glasgow Rejndzhers .

however at this very talented football player uneasy character. And it too has not avoided star fever. Igor, to put it mildly, does not indulge attention of journalists: for all career this halfback has given interview all some. Vlastimil Petrzhela does not hide,   that it was difficult to it to work with Denisov. Replaced Petrzhelu at a wheel Zenith Dutch Dik the Lawyer for infringement of a sports mode for short time even sent Igor in a double.

In the come to the end season too there were incidents with Denisov`s participation. On one of trainings it hardly has not fought with the chief of a command Vladislav Radimov, then there was become well-known a skirmish with the instructor Spartaka Valery Karpin, for what the halfback Zenith has been disqualified on four matches. According to veterans of the Petersburg club, such punishment, probably, will damp Igor`s ardour a little, will do it good.

Past summer Igor Deniss for five years has prolonged the personal contract with Zenith . Probably that all its sports career will pass in one command. In domestic football it is not enough such football players.