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The commander-in-chief of the Navy: seamen with Marshal Shaposhnikova the Russian seamen did not shoot the Somali pirates

did not shoot pirates in gulf of Aden. The confidence of it in conversation with journalists was expressed today by the commander-in-chief of the Navy of the Russian Federation admiral Vladimir Vysotsky.

In reply to the request to comment on the roller which has appeared on a popular video hosting, on which Russian seamen with BPK Marshal Shaposhnikov fire from various types of weapon at group of the small courts presumably belonging to the Somali pirates, an admiral has told: Not such our seamen to shoot someone in the sea. It is nonsense which it is not necessary to make comments .

In the three-minute roller which has been laid out in the Internet, it is possible to see firing seamen, a boat with pirates and the ship approaching to it, and also shooting from rocket installations of the ship. As believes the majority of users the Internet which has left the comments to a roller, that is the cutting mounted from shots educational strelb, collisions with pirates and fragments of shootings on which it is embodied destructions of the courts confiscated from pirates on which board already there is no crew. Destruction plavsredstv, used for a criminal piracy craft - usual practice of the military seamen participating in international protivopiratskoj of the operation in gulf of Aden.

the Definitive expert judgement the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Pacific fleet which has begun together with military - investigatory management on TOF and management of FSB of fleet will give check upon messages of mass-media on occurrence of doubtful video. The roller will be directed experts who will establish, whether there is a speech about a fake, and also when and where these videorecordings are made. Representatives of law-enforcement structures undertake also other steps on finding-out of the circumstances connected with this episode.

protivopiratskaja operation at coast Somalias is conducted by Mezhunarodnaja within two years with participation of the fighting ships of some EU member states and the NATO, including Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy. Accompanied by trading caravans and their protection against piracy spot-checks the Navy of Russia participates also. Our ships are in area of gulf of Aden and Horn of Africa on a rotational basis. Now to area of patrol there has arrived group of the fighting ships of Pacific fleet in structure BPK Admiral Vinogradov the tanker Pechenga and saving tow SB - 522. From July till November safety of navigation in areas of hyperactivity of pirates was provided with group of the ships of Northern fleet led by BPK Admiral Levchenko . severomortsy have carried out conducting of 13 escorts.