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The law on optimisation of boundary control

the Federation Council of the Russian Federation is approved has approved on Friday the law on which customs bodies receive all powers on transport control in check points, and also powers on check of the documents necessary for sanitary - quarantine, veterinary and quarantine fytosanitory control concerning cargoes, the goods and animals.

Now the admission of people, cars, cargoes, the goods and animals through state border of the Russian Federation includes boundary and customs control. The list of other kinds of control on border is established by the government of the Russian Federation and includes sanitary - quarantine, veterinary, quarantine fytosanitory, transport control and check at owners of vehicles of insurance of a civil liability, is told in the explanatory note to the bill.

the Bill establishes that check of documents regarding quarantine fytosanitory, veterinary and sanitary - quarantine control will be made in specialised check points. Transport control customs bodies will messages in all check points.

the Order of the state control will not be applied concerning the goods imported by physical persons for personal, family, house and other needs not connected with enterprise activity, and also ulova and fish production made from it.

the Law, predictably, will allow to accelerate the admission of the goods and motor transport through frontier of the Russian Federation, to optimise system of the state control in check points, to eliminate excessive administrative barriers and to reduce time necessary for passage of control, is told in the explanatory note to the bill.