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The director of a film “ the Tourist “ has altered the scenario from - for “ the Russian villain “

the Film “ the Tourist “ where leading roles have played Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, leaves in the Russian hire on January, 5th, after almost month   from the moment of an appearance in the USA - on December, 10th.   on the Russian premiere of the film which has taken place just between these two dates - on December, 20th - there has arrived the director of a picture of Florian Henkel a background of Donnersmark (as he admitted to the spectators who have gathered in a hall, even his mother hardly utters a difficult name of the son).

Florian Henkel the background of Donnersmark is young, but is already titled. Its first picture “ Life of others “ in 2007 has received “ Oscar “ as the best foreign film. Now, in Moscow 37 - the summer director has presented the new work, nothing similar on “ Life of others “ in good Russian. And it it is no wonder - as a whole he knows six languages.   right after prime ministers Florian Henkel the background of Donnersmark has given exclusive interview to an observer.

: Florian,   in Russia, very much waited for arrival on prime minister Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Why they have not arrived together with you?

Florian Henkel a background of Donnersmark: Angelina Jolie this year came to Russia with a film “ Solt “. And now, when the premiere " has taken place; the Tourist “ in Russia, it has coincided on time happy birthday Brad Pita (the actor was born on December, 18th - the Comment With. A) Angelina should celebrate β+μερςε with it and with children. As to Johnny, it has just finished work in the fourth part “ Pirates of Caribbean sea “ and too has missed children and the wife.

RG: And to other countries to represent a film they have gone?

Director Florian Henkel the background of Donnersmark has brought to Russia a film “ the Tourist “ to Look the photo report of Susanny Alperinoj

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: we had an European premiere in Germany where I have promised in advance to arrive with its full complement   to my friends and colleagues. We were in   Italy because the film acted in film there, and when we asked to give the next permission to shootings in exchange promised   to return on a premiere. Still we were in Madrid because there Angelina was not during time promo - round with a film “ Solt “. But now I here one, and   has only brought with itself video references from Jolie and Depp.

RG: Representing a film, you said that 17 years were not in Russia …

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: 18 years ago I year has lived in Leningrad - learnt Russian in engineering - building institute - LISI (the director has received the diploma in a speciality “ the teacher of Russian, as foreign “ - the Comment With. A) . In August, 1991 there was a putsch, the events connected with Gorbachev. And after that, in September, I as the western student, has had an opportunity to arrive   and to learn Russian at the state institute. Interesting there was time. I very much love Leningrad, and till today I will not get used in any way to the name St.-Petersburg.

RG: In a film “ the Tourist “   - there is also a Russian line,   and it was pleasant to me to see in one of roles - the first assistant to the gangster   - actor Igor Zhizhikina, one of few Russian which have made good career in Hollywood.

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: When I read an original variant of the scenario, the main villain in it was Russian. It was not pleasant to me - it seemed a stamp which there and then needed to be broken. Therefore I also have copied the scenario, and the main villain became the Englishman who uses Russian in own purposes. I have noticed that there is a stamp and   In consciousness of people supposedly many international crimes occur because of Russian. But, if to look attentively often when we read about the crimes made by Russian, behind them not so Russian customers disappear. To me   it wanted to show it in a film. I have specially made so: there is a dangerous gangster - the Englishman who knows that strong military preparation of Russian will allow it to work at the highest level. I think, as Igor Zhizhikinu liked this idea, and it has very well coped with a role.

RG: the Gangster is already its role …


Henkel a background of Donnersmark: It is very ridiculous. Because actually Igor - kind and   the intelligent person.

RG: Tell, at Anzheliny Jolie all - taki is on a shoulder the big tattoo because in your picture where it often appears in evening dresses with the bared shoulders, it it is not visible.

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: It is an ingenious make-up which all hides from our eyes.

RG: And the electronic cigarette which all time is smoked by hero Johnny Depp is product placement (the paid advertising of the goods in a film - the Comment With. A) ?

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: Is not present. I simply heard about electronic cigarettes, and it seemed to me such ridiculous that someone can smoke them.   I listened to a broadcast devoted to electronic cigarettes, and it has very much amused me. So that I have entered a cigarette in the scenario. And it very much was pleasant to Johnny Depp.

RG: whether Truth, what Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradi`s wife specially came on shootings because was jealous the husband of such beauty how Jolie, and what on its insisting have been removed from a picture all bed scenes?

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: However, that it came on shootings. And also truth that when it has arrived, we have spent very cheerful evening together with Brad, Vanessoj, Angelina and Johnny.   but trust a yellow press less. Sometimes since morning before shootings we read that about us write in newspapers, amicably laughed, and started to work.

RG: so-called films - guidebooks are Now fashionable. As an example I can result “ Vicks. Christina. Barcelona “ “ Eat. Pray. Love “ and other pictures. You   be not afraid that to   to a film “ the Tourist “ too will concern, how to the guide who shows Paris and Venice?

Henkel a background of Donnersmark: I consider that Venice -   the third protagonist of a film. When it became clear to me that at me two will act in film such   the fine actor, as Depp and Jolie, I   has told to itself that I want, that in a film all was at this level of beauty. And if I already have the most beautiful woman and the most charming man action should occur in the most beautiful places of the world. And Paris and Venice - are that. Perhaps, still Petersburg. And, if I remove “ the Tourist “ 2 action will necessarily be transferred to Petersburg.

RG: Then we there again will have a revolution.