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The former president of Argentina Horhe Saw Any dictator is sentenced to a life imprisonment

will not leave from punishment. News from Argentina where the court of the city of Cordoba has sentenced to a life imprisonment of the former president of the country Horhe Videla became the next acknowledgement of this true.

Legal experts have counted up that through his fault in the country was missing about 30 thousand persons. However eks - the president does not plead guilty to crimes against humanity. Moreover, he is assured that itself is a victim of a political mode.

As a result of revolution in 1976 Saw became the president and has shipped the country in terror, being covered with the slogan national revival . Rough handlings with dissidents and oppositionists lasted throughout five years of its board. People abducted at night, tortured and killed. Sometimes soldiers of Videly showed special cruelty, alive dumping people from helicopters.

In 1990 eks - the dictator managed to achieve pardon from - for problems with health. Some years it were under house arrest. But four years ago pardon has been declared by unconstitutional and against the former president have renewed criminal trial.

the Witnesses who were present on announcement of the adjudication, tell that while the judge has said punishment, at Videly have begun to tremble lips. Eyewitnesses do not doubt that it was not so sudden attack of repentance. It became simple to dictator to die terribly in prison.