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100 thousand euro a month will suffice founder WikiLeaks to move heaven and earth

the site Founder VikiLiks Dzhulian Assanzh, even being under court in Britain, continues   to be in the centre of attention of media - communities. In the next comment to current events to the newspaper Gardian he has informed that is afraid   to be killed at hit in the American prison. All interviews of Assanzha set as the purpose to prove to public opinion of Britain that the possible extradition of the founder of a site at first to Sweden, and then, with high probability, in the USA, threatens his life and is unacceptable. The American lawyers prepare against Assanzha of charge in espionage. But according to the law, Britain has the right not ekstradirovat for political crimes even when there is an international warrant on arrest. espionage is a classical case of a political crime - confirms Assanzh.

revelations of the founder the Internet - a resource concerning activity financial side   look not less curious; a site. In - the first, Assanzh has told that it does not have means to pay tick to lawyers who represent its personal interests and interests of a portal. After the largest payment systems of the world have blocked transfers of means for VikiLiks it has deprived a site approximately 500 thousand euro of donations. This money, according to Assanzha, to a resource would suffice on half a year of work from calculation of less 100 thousand euro in a month.

Nevertheless, the site will continue to publish exposing documents. Their next portion will be devoted is Israeli - to the Lebanese war of 2006 and murder in Dubai one of leaders Hamas . In total 3700 documents, which majority - messages of embassy of the USA in Tel - Avive will be exposed.   Assanzh has denied the appeared hearings about somebody the confidential agreement between VikiLiks and Israel that this country does not become a target of the next exposures. According to Assanzha, such arrangements do not exist with one state of the world. However, in the papers devoted to the Israeli policy, it is not necessary to wait for any sensations. This country is able to store the secrets and does not hasten to share them even with the nearest allies. So the probability that documents " is great this time; VikiLiks can appear a usual selection of the local hearings specially extended by the Israeli special services for needs of the American diplomats.