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Alexander Zhukov: the unemployment Indicator in Russia almost left on pre-crisis level

an unemployment Indicator in the Russian Federation in comparison with January 2010 g was reduced and left almost on pre-crisis level. On it has informed vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov during the governmental report in the State Duma, devoted to anti-recessionary measures, transfers ITAR - TASS.

the Indicator for October, 1st has decreased to 5 million persons. We left almost on pre-crisis level - A.Zhukov has told. In January this figure made 6,8 million persons that was rather high indicator .

the quantity of officially registered unemployed Was reduced also. the peak was in February. It was 2 million 295 tys the person. Their quantity was reduced to the end of September more than on 570 tys - A.Zhukov has informed.

He has specified that it is the data for the past of 9 months, but we conduct monitoring on a labour market in a daily mode . For today the general unemployment in comparison with September remained at the same level - 5 million .

A.Zhukov also has noticed that intensity on a labour market has decreased. If earlier on the statistican 3 unemployed applied for one vacancy, now - 1,5.

the situation both with a partial employment, and with the compelled holidays Has improved. By words vitse - a premiere, such people are the potential unemployed. On the beginning of year this indicator was equal to 1 million persons, by the end of the year - 619 million

Within the limits of the governmental programs to public and to temporary jobs for 9 months it has been involved by 1 million 223 tys the person, - A.Zhukov has continued. - vocational training have passed 96 tys the workers who were under risk of dismissal. On training it has been directed more than 60 tys graduates of professional educational institutions .