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Dmitry Medvedev: the Ground policy in the Russian Federation should be improved

the Ground policy in the Russian Federation should be improved. It was declared by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in interview to leading Russian TV channels.

Basically, we need to disperse on all territory of the country - he has declared. we need to be engaged in a correct ground policy - Medvedev has underlined.

It is necessary to extend on territory; it is very important and geopoliticheski, and for the future - the president has declared.

Basically, it is necessary to think of, that our people could to receive in the simplified order the earth not only for agricultural works not only to conduct a part-time farm, and is simple to be equipped to live - Medvedev considers.

  Besides that it is the enormous capital to be engaged in agrarian business, to export production, to provide the food stocks, it and possibility to live on - chelovecheski - he considers.

  it seems To me that we need to change in any plan even mentality because all time kuchkovatsja is impossible, it is necessary to try to create normal conditions for life - the president has told. here again very many will depend on how much this policy it will be correct it is realised in regions - he considers.

According to Medvedev, now frequently the normal situation is observed only around big cities, and in remote places living conditions are pitiable.