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Experts: Most grain places for taxi services are occupied basically by illegal immigrants

Recent spot-check which pravoohraniteli have spent among taxi drivers at the Kiev station of capital, has revealed more than 300 illegal bombed .

Besides that these people are engaged in illegal carrying, that is work exclusively on the pocket, without paying in taxes, so also the majority of their cars in an emergency condition, without checkup coupons. And 50 drivers detained during spot-check, and at all operated cars which are registered struck off the register and destroyed under the recycling state program.

In expectation of the mother-in-law

Experts agree in opinion that the turn of the capital market taksoperevozok can reach billion dollars a year. Under their data, today across Moscow travel about an order of 40 thousand bombed and only nine thousand legal taxi. The last belong to the motor transportation enterprises registered as legal bodies, having own motor car park, firm symbolics. They watch a condition of vehicles and quality of granting of services.

the largest players in this market - the companies the New yellow taxi the Taxi 956 and Prestige . At everyone - approximately on one and a half thousand cars. But most grain places - the areas near the station - are occupied in Moscow by illegal immigrants.

- Look, who costs near stations? - The chief executive of the Moscow transport union Yury Sveshnikov asks a question. - one illegal carriers. Some times I came together with television on the same Kiev station. And so: taxi drivers, having caught sight of the chamber, there and then in a pointed manner removed from roofs of cars shashechki also continued to stand on the place. Like as the mother-in-law wait! And for them near station the special place fenced with concrete blocks is allocated.

Under the informal information, this place belongs to the certain company which have won the tender for rent of a site, and now hands over to its illegal taxi drivers.

Whence you will be?

Capital bombily - mainly natives of Uzbekistan to what preferences testify: favourite mark - Deu a Nexia collected in Uzbekistan. However, in a city it is a lot of natives of other former union republics. Coming to Moscow, they buy (as a rule, by proxy) killed cheap cars: copecks the six the seven . If the car has an accident, it simply throw.

These drivers not so well know Moscow and Russian, but at landing of the superfluous does not demand, in a way of an increase do not ask. Uzbeks, by the way, are considered also as the most correct concerning passengers. In day average bombed earns 3 - 4 thousand roubles. Authorities of the capital not try to legalise the first year the market taksoperevozok. The department of transport and communication of Moscow has initiated to create Uniform service of the order of a taxi the Moscow city taxi . In this service with the uniform dispatching centre and uniform remembered number for a call it is supposed to unite all large carriers. Besides, to it will pass delicious parking at the airports, stations, trading complexes. But to force out from the market of illegal competitors, to the companies which have entered into a uniform urban service of a taxi, it is necessary to reduce the prices for transportations.

it is authoritative

What measures are necessary for putting in order from a taxi?

Nikolay Ljamov, the assistant to the mayor of Moscow concerning transport:

- Moscow should have a quota by a taxi. We will tell, it was formed now spontaneously 34 thousand cars for carrying - let there will be 34 thousand. But 34 001 - e cannot already appear. So, for example, in London. Why? Because at each car the lifelong number, it is on sale to the businessman, and its mortgaging cost almost 300 thousand pounds sterling. It is possible to resell, hand down number. But it is impossible to change, even with car. To keep the work right in a taxi, it is necessary to observe rules existing in it strictly. If the driver breaks a rule, the police will take away number. At us to enter this or other control system of a taxi and as a whole public transport, the law should give to the subject of Federation such right. But if the local government bears responsibility for transport service of the population let he and solves as it to do.

Stepan Orlov, the chairman of the commission of Moscow City Council on municipal economy and the housing policy:

- Deputies of Moscow City Council prepare a package of legislative measures which will help to solve many transport questions. It is offered to toughen punishment measures for illegal carrying. Simultaneously with it work on acceptance of statutory acts which will start in action the law " will be conducted; About a taxi in the city of Moscow accepted there is more than year back. It is necessary to fix legislatively such measures, as the organisation of city parking for officially working taxi, the permission of journey of a taxi on the strips intended for public transport.

Yury Sveshnikov, the chief executive of the Moscow transport union:

- amendments to the Russian Code about the administrative offences, toughening penalties for rendering of illegal taxi services Are necessary. And penalties should be more than a day gain of the taxi driver - from 10 thousand roubles and above. But that was whom to fine, it is necessary to oblige carriers to be registered as legal bodies or individual businessmen. And it too should be fixed legislatively. And now, how many spend spot-checks on revealing of illegal taxi drivers, they cannot be made answerable.