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The inquiry: As will block streets in Moscow on New Year`s Eve

In Prenew Year`s evening in connection with mass walks which are spent on the Pushkin and Lubjansky areas, and also on Vasilevsky descent, entrance to city centre will be limited.

According to traffic police of Moscow, on the eve of celebratory night in a city will block for movement of cars the Tver street from the underground Majakovsky to the Kremlin, Moss street, Ohotnij rjad to Lubjanki, an entrance to Vasilevsky descent and the Big Moskvoretsk bridge (see the scheme).

As have told in management of the information of traffic police of Moscow, to block streets will begin in an hour prior to the beginning of celebratory actions. They are appointed on 21. 00. And again will open in half an hour after the termination of walks (but not earlier 02. 00).

- to Remove bricks can and later if townspeople do not have time to go home, - the employee of management of Artem Semenov has explained. - While people will celebrate, remain both frameworks of metal detectors, and the strengthened police squads.

the Authorities explain such measures care of safety of Muscovites. For the same reason on this New Year`s eve in capital one salute will thunder only. It will take place on Vasilevsky descent, and will begin right after peal of bells.

However, the companies or the organisations can arrange the fireworks on one of 14 platforms defined goradministratsiej together with management GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Moscow. But for this purpose they should get the licence for carrying out of similar action and the permission from the city authorities.

Though all officially resolved platforms for fireworks and fiery shows are far from apartment houses, nevertheless, on New Year`s Eve and for Christmas rescuers and physicians will be on duty here.

Concrete addresses for carrying out of fireworks will define prefectures. Points for salutes will be known not later than December, 25th.

As well as in previous years, public transport in Moscow will longer work the usual: the underground - to 02. 00, buses, trolley buses and trams - to 03. 00.

for Christmas bricks will be less, than on New Year`s Eve. So, on January, 7th with 14. 00 to 20. 30 will block Vasilevsky descent (from street the Barbarian to the Big Moskvoretsk bridge).

It is reminded: the first restriction of movement will be entered on December, 26th around the Kremlin. It is connected with celebratory actions which will begin in 8. 30 mornings.

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the Scheme of restriction of a traffic on New Year`s Eve