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Participants Conversation with Vladimir Putin have told, how the prime minister has helped them to solve problems

on December, 16th the prime minister - the minister of the country already in the ninth time traditionally communicated with the nation on the air.

This time conversation on duration has broken all records: 4 hours of 26 minutes. Vladimir Putin has had time to answer 90 questions of the Russians calling to it from Kaliningrad to Transbaikalia. Some problems demanded immediate intervention of the head of the government, on another the prime minister had to explain the position simply patiently. Our correspondents on places have met authors of the most resonant questions to the prime minister.

Grandmothers do not need to be afraid of housing and communal services

the Medical assistant Elena Kulakova lives in settlement Ivatino of Vladimir region. This summer from - for forest fires has burnt out almost all its village. On communication with Moscow Elena left from a central square of Ivatino - for today the settlement is completely built up, all peasants have received new comfortable houses with a full infrastructure, including satellite TV and the Internet. However Kulakovu and its fellows villager is disturbed by a question of payment of housing and communal services - as Elena has explained, earlier in settlement was not neither gas, nor the water drain that is why the price for utilities was cheap. Other business now. Whether any changes in coming year under tariffs for utilities are coming, they will increase or remain former? - She has asked the prime minister.

From Vladimir Putin`s answer:

Earlier except weak transmission lines in such settlements, as a rule, anything also was not. Now there was a gas supply, a normal electrical supply, water removal, the water drain, there was a television, and with a considerable quantity of channels, almost in all houses the broadband Internet is spent. It is all, of course, demands additional means for service, for the maintenance of all this infrastructure.

At the same time, should tell that houses all - taki are constructed on new technology and are in the true sense of the word power saving up, therefore it is possible to spend economically enough, say, elektro - and thermal energy. This the first.

the Second and, probably, the most important thing, is concerns not only the restored settlements, but also housing - municipal services of all country. In a year before last at us growth of tariffs was where - that about 20 %, this year as a whole on the country, despite splashes in the beginning of year, we managed to keep where - that at level of 15 %, next year is planned no more than 13 % on the average, I repeat, on the average on the country. But if in your case to operate economically also these expenses it is possible to reduce .

Elena Kulakovu, the inhabitant of new microdistrict for pogoreltsev on 68 cottages in village Ivatino, we have found right after a straight line . The woman has invited us in the new house. In settlement Southern their family lived in the usual wooden house without conveniences the area of 48 square metres. Here 92 a square on 5 persons - three big rooms, kitchen, a toilet from a bathroom, a vestibule, a terrace. And all conveniences what are presumed far not by any capital inhabitant, - the satellite teleaerial, independent gas heating, hot and cold water, phone, the Internet. Almost that the clever house.

But Elena Kulakova has set a question on growth of tariffs for housing and communal services to Vladimir Putin not casually.

- Before a gas cylinder for 500 roubles us sufficed for three months, for light paid 100 - 150 roubles a month yes on 6 thousand were bought by two cars of fire wood for a year, - Elena Aleksandrovna tells. - And here only for two weeks of November have paid almost one thousand - 465 roubles for light and 480 roubles for gas. And still there is no contract on water, only recently have concluded contracts on garbage removal on 27 roubles from the person. Especially this question the pension 5 - 7 thousand roubles excites our grannies, at whom. The head of settlement Ljubov Nikulina now collects all necessary inquiries for registration of grants by it.

As to economy for which the prime minister in the answer to a question Kulakovoj with it you will not argue has called. The new house is equipped by counters on water, on heat, on gas, and warmly regulate. The medical assistant`s point in Kamenke where Elena Kulakova for 8 kilometres from native settlement worked, has burnt down together with village. But it is employed today - there was a place of the medical assistant nearby, in Ivatino.

- and here at the husband and the son of a permanent job is not present. From - for it we even wanted to sell the new house and to move more close to Murom. And have now got used, and to leave such settlement on earnings to Moscow it is twice insulting, - Elena Aleksandrovna admits.

to return to Invalids of a privilege

Pensioner Lyudmila Glebovna Evdokimova from Perm did not begin to call to Moscow - she has written the letter to the prime minister to Moscow. I and the husband - invalids. Why to us have removed preferential payment on housing - utilities? - the woman worries.

From Vladimir Putin`s answer:

Anybody did not cancel privileges. Also it is necessary to check up that occurs in Perm on this question. These preferential categories of citizens have the right the same as had earlier, on a discount in 50 % from the tariff on housing - utilities. The federal budget annually, and this year too, allocates for these purposes considerable money - 100 mlrd roubles - and directs them to regions that regions have provided this discount.

I know that in some regions there is a so-called monetization of these privileges. In - the first, should tell that it raises expenses of the state because, understand if the person pays 50 %, it, let us assume, heats fire wood, and modest money pays for these housing - utilities, and these sums of 50 % are a small money. And if to count on the average on region, it much more. In case of a monetization the person as though should more and receive, but if already it do, at first it is necessary to pay money, for the account to the citizen to translate, and then it should have possibility and the right to pay utilities, rather the reverse: at first force the person to pay, and then to it something pay extra, moreover and incomplete rouble. Here such practice is absolutely inadmissible. Across Perm we will check up .

56 - summer Lyudmila Evdokimova together with husband Anatoly to whom 62 years, occupy half of wooden house on suburb of Perm. The log hut old and begun to rot, but here is a waterpipe, an electricity and heating from a gas copper. Water arrives in the house from a chink drilled on a site, and tenants do not pay for it. Questions at Lyudmila Glebovny have arisen on payments for gas and an electricity.

- Earlier we with the husband paid half of their cost, - the pensioner speaks. - and since last year this privilege at us have cancelled, and to everyone these expenses compensate to us on 208 roubles a month. If in the summer and gas, and light to us manages in one thousand roubles in the winter about two thousand it is necessary to give. It is expensive. And indemnification from the budget covers this sum less than on a quarter, instead of half, as earlier.

In January, 2010 in the Perm edge the municipal monetization has been spent. And now preferential categories of citizens receive on the bank accounts is caustic - uniform monetary indemnification. Its maximum sum - 885 roubles. But to cover 50 percent of cost of utilities, this sum suffices not all.

Lyudmila Evdokimova on - former would like to receive a municipal privilege in the old manner when calculation follows specified in the receipt 50 - the percentage sum. The monthly income of old men (two pensions and social payments) exceeds 18 thousand roubles. Like on life should suffice. But at Lyudmila each copeck on the account, after all she is an invalid, is ill a diabetes and still looks after the paralysed husband.

- Medicines very expensive, - are explained by it. - last year when the husband lay in hospital, at me one thousand roubles a day left on it. And after all also medicines are necessary to me. Took the credit in bank on 40 thousand roubles and has spent it for medicines and necessary things. Now on the sly I give money back. And if payments for utilities have decreased to 50 percent, it would become easier to live.

Settlement in a trouble we will not throw

the coldest settlement from where television cameras have been established, there was a settlement Aksenovo - Zilovsky Transbaikalian edge - it is located on the Trans-Siberian highway. Last days air temperature here fell at night to - 48 [0]. Here in the summer during the trip on a line Khabarovsk - Chita has called in the prime minister - the minister on already legendary yellow the Harmony - the Guelder-rose . After its departure the program on resettlement of people from shabby and emergency habitation here started, but nevertheless problems in settlement remains much, and some of them very sharp. One of such sore points was formulated on the air the director of local school Bultinova by Natalia Nikolaevna. She has told that after Vladimir Putin`s arrival its school has received the expensive equipment, but, unfortunately, it in school kladovke. Simply we are afraid that will steal, we do not have protection, - has explained Bultinova. - And during the last years it is a lot of years already at us at school out repairs were not carried - all is scattered . The woman is excited also with absence in settlement of the qualified medical aid - the delivery room is closed, there is no children`s branch. But the most important thing: inhabitants of settlement are afraid that them will very soon forget and will throw in private with the problems.

From Vladimir Putin`s answer:

that you have now told, sounds, believe, a little strange. You do not mount because are afraid that it (the equipment. - Red.) Will steal. Then it is possible to undersign that in general nothing can be made. And meanwhile, when I talked in your settlement to teachers (on - to mine, and the director there was), I remember, with what pride all spoke about your pupils, so, and about the most teaching structure; said that your boys and little girls arrive including in leading high schools of the country. It means that level of teaching structure rather high, is the traditions.

Upon me has made very strong impression that people who live in this small settlement, are filled by pride of the small native land and speak about it yours faithfully. Also would live like modest enough, but are patriots of the small native land, and, certainly, all it deserves support.

If it is required, is ready to give additional impulses and signals to the governor. Now as to the future settlement. I with full confidence can tell to you, what yes, there is a re-structuring on a railway transportation, redistribution of loadings, but such settlements as yours, certainly, are claimed also the future will have .

We have decided to receive at Natalia Nikolaevny event particulars in their settlement, but to communicate by phone with the correspondent it has not wished, has hanged up.

However, sense from its call to the prime minister Bultinovoj is already obvious to fellows villager: as have informed us in a press - service the Transbaikalian railways on settlement station the medical train " is directed; Therapist Matvej Mudrov which will work in Aksenovo - Zilovsky from December, 21 till December, 23rd. Inhabitants of settlement can pass survey at the therapist, the surgeon, the neurologist, the gynecologist, the ophthalmologist, the otolaryngologist, the stomatologist, to make ultrasonic and x-ray inspection on the modern equipment.

the Governor of Transbaikalian edge Ravil Geniatulin has from its part noted, as the hospital, and school will be repaired next year with heat approach. The means provided by the estimate on these purposes, are put in the regional budget. There are no obstacles and for maintenance of protection of school - now a step for the director of educational institution which should conclude the contract with private security agency, expenses will be paid by municipality.

Widows of miners will receive indemnifications

Natalia Alekseevna Merzlikina - the wife of the victim on mine Raspadsky Gorbunova Alexander. It has asked a premiere a question which excites all inhabitants of Kuzbas: many cities in this region are connected with a condition of the coal industry, development of social sphere depends on it also. What future waits the city of Mezhdurechensk?

From Vladimir Putin`s answer:

As to the future. Today Raspadsky Starts to work. If yet has not begun, by the evening will work. According to the law all relatives of missing persons already should receive indemnifications. I very much count that these indemnifications will be paid during the shortest time if it is not made yet. On mine today works over 3 thousand persons. I know that proprietors of mine - and they, it is necessary to give to them due, all - taki have enclosed in emergency works more than 5 mlrd roubles - we will directly tell, neither on the decision of social problems, nor on the decision of industrial questions were not greedy and work in full, work, in general, is worthy and how the circumstance demand.

they have a plan for the next years, plans on development and mine modernisation. Therefore both workplaces, and the future Raspadsky so, and settlements where miners work, as a whole garantirovanno, it is provided .

Gornomontazhnik Alexander Gorbunov - one of eight miners, the awarded the order Courage (posthumously). The widow of the hero, on hands which still had two daughters of 10 and 11 years, works as the leading expert of city department of culture. And practically during its conversation with the prime minister the coal company declared commissioning of a lava 4 - 9 - 21 encore (9 - j a layer), the failure removed from epicentre, that is why the least suffered.

As to payments to widows of the lost miners, how have assured the correspondent in a press - service of administration of the Kemerovo region, for today they are made to all widows without dependence from, whether their marriage has been registered or not. Under the information a press - services of the coal company, to 72 families of the lost miners and mine-rescuers from the moment of failure it has been paid 149,6 million roubles. Natalia Merzlikina has confirmed that it has received all payments which are put to widows (without dependence from a stamp in the passport), in full. As, however, and all the others. According to the widow, payments have already started to receive and relatives of those of 15 miners who were considered until recently as missing persons and which recently the court of a city of Mezhdurechensk recognised as victims.

Barracks should be liquidated

the Main problem of Astrakhan - fish capital of Russia, a city which has celebrated two years ago 450 years from the date of the basis, - shabby emergency habitation. 15 % zhilfonda recognised as unsuitable for life: from 9 million sq. metres there is more than one million in literal sense collapse. In new apartments it is necessary to move almost 50 thousand families. The question to Vladimir Putin from astrahantsev was set by Violetta Aksenova. She is afraid that the program of resettlement from barracks will be tightened for years.

From Vladimir Putin`s answer:

Several years ago we at all were not engaged in moving from shabby habitation. Last years at the expense of fund formation housing - municipal services we have directed considerable resources to this sphere. I want to tell to you that to the termination of this year have anyhow improved the living conditions (or have been moved in new apartments, or houses which had no repair of years on 50 - 60 have been capitally repaired) 14 million persons. Represent, these are 10 % of the population of the country. Certainly, it would be desirable more, but we have obvious budgetary restrictions. As to Astrakhan here, of course, the situation sad was. I When the first time has arrived to Astrakhan about 5 years ago, I in general was surprised: the city was, at all I do not know how to tell, in a deplorable state. I hope that now astrahantsy see certain changes to the best, it concerns both quay, and moving of barracks. But, of course, much still should be made. We will work .

We have found for Violetta Aksenovu: it was found out that this theme excites her not from - for own problems with habitation. At it just everything is all right.

- But mine sokursnitsa on university Ekaterina Kobzeva since student`s years lives in a barrack together with five more families, - Violetta has told to us. - this barrack has been occupied as a time haven in 1930. And then was lop-sided, and now and for a long time: the sagged roof keeps only on the brick furnaces adapted under gas. And at it two small sons. This family costs in preferential turn on reception of the arranged well habitation and enters into the program of liquidation of the shabby and emergency habitation, calculated till 2010. But year comes to an end, and number in turn at Kobzevyh - 531 - j.

After an aether Violetta Aksenova has received many calls from friends and acquaintances - all thanked for a question. The gratitude has expressed it and the governor of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin. As he said, already next day in Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia to it have confirmed that the federal authorities are ready to allocate means for continuation of realisation of the program of liquidation of shabby and emergency habitation in the Astrakhan region. Presumably, according to Alexander Zhilkina to solve a problem of slums it is possible approximately for four years. For this purpose it is required at least six billions roubles of budgetary funds, and investors and immigrants can add the rest.

Barriers should be cleaned

25 - summer Evgenie`s in Mile from Tyumen - the disabled from childhood, its diagnosis - DTSP. All these years she struggles with set of problems, main of which - bureaucracy. you do not represent, what is humiliating procedure, every year to collect inquiry and to prove that you are the sick person to receive scanty pension - has shared Evgenie`s pain. Invalids cannot be arranged for study, to enter the university. In the country there are no specialised places for training of people with the limited possibilities. Evgenie Milej has asked Putin, whether social adaptation, rehabilitation of such people, as it will be spent.

From Vladimir Putin`s answer:

At us this sort of questions dared always, and in Soviet period, by a residual principle. If to tell on - fair - did not dare almost, the society tried not to notice people with the limited possibilities, invalids as though they and are not present.

I Think that you agree with me that for many years for the first time we have begun not only about it openly to speak, but also have started to undertake necessary efforts for the decision of these problems. Here this year we for businessmen who create workplaces for people with the limited possibilities, give indemnification - for each workplace of 30 thousand roubles, next year we increase this bonus to 50 thousand roubles for each workplace which business creates for people with the limited possibilities .

Unfortunately to meet personally Evgeniej More lovely to the correspondent it was not possible. The management of structural division of the company of the multinational corporation - BP - the Tyumen scientific oil centre where Eugene works, has not given to the employee kind On dialogue with journalists. Representatives of the company have explained the position unwillingness to endanger the girl, having referred to history with the Ivanovo cardiologist Worthless, after which call on a straight line checks have there and then followed.

Meanwhile problems which has designated Evgenie Milej, far not she today tests one. According to department of formation of the Tyumen region, in region lives more than four thousand children - invalids of preschool and school age, 143 invalids receive knowledge in high schools. Thus the considerable part from them is compelled to be trained in-home. Such, as Evgenie but only thanks to the persistence the girl in 2007 has ended the Tyumen state oil and gas university, and at once with two diplomas, - units. Though last years the regional authorities apply more and more efforts that with the limited possibilities of health formation became more accessible to people. So, this year in Tyumen the first school where along with healthy children can be trained and children - koljasochniki has opened: in each class of this school for koljasochnikov it is equipped in one educational place - in total 14 in an initial link and 12 on the average. Everyone ucheniko - the place has managed to the regional budget more than in one million roubles.

Statistics of dialogue Putin with the people
the Signal from doctor Hrenova

the sharpest call has arrived on a straight line from cardiologist Ivan Hrenova - about a facade in the Ivanovo hospitals during recent visit of the prime minister. The young doctor working in regional kardiodispansere, has told to the prime minister the following: Hospitals have urgently prepared for your visit, and many equipment, for example in regional hospital, has been brought temporarily. And after your departure it is dismantled. It was ordered to staff nurses to tell that zar the payment makes them of 12 thousand roubles, and receipts for the sum of 30 thousand roubles are given out doctors that actually the lie - at us is not present such salaries. Personally my salary makes 3650 roubles, but umenja 2,5 rates, therefore turn out 14 thousand. And at nurses with a work long standing - a maximum of 5 thousand. Also very interesting situation and in chambers has been presented. A part of patients have dispersed, and in some chambers have put disguised employees of establishment .

This very day in regional hospital with inspection the commission from regional chiefs has appeared suddenly. When we the day before called up to Ivan, he has informed that there is a strong pressure upon it from above that it morally prepares and for work loss, and to problems with the future employment. Is not going though to surrender. However, pressure it a little oslablo after a call to doctor Hrenovu from Vladimir Putin. Ivan tells about it so:

- On my phone have called and have informed that to me want to talk. But who - have not told. This person began to ask simply to me questions. press you? - asks. I speak: Yes . The man in the answer: Do not worry, I in a course of that occurs, in a trouble we will not leave. If there will be problems - call .

And a management oblzdrava, and the dissident Horse-radishes hope for check which is spent now by experts minzdravsotsrazvitija.