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The Tula veteran has written to Vladimir Putin about brotherly burial places in villages

Among hundreds the messages sent on the air to Vladimir Putin, there was also a letter of inhabitant of Tula Nikolay Matveeva with the request to reconsider system of financing of an accomplishment and the maintenance of rural brotherly burial places of victims in the Great Patriotic War.

From Kola peninsula to Sochi burial places are in an ugly condition, to them is heavy to reach on foot, instead of what to pass, - Nikolay Matveev writes. - Soon anniversary: 70 years of defence of Moscow. Financing on reconstruction, repair, an accomplishment and the maintenance of places of a burial place of the soldiers who were lost on fields of the Great Patriotic War 1941 - is necessary 1945. Also it is necessary to make a lining of roads with a firm covering to these memorials .

On a military field

In 1941 the Belevsky area has been occupied by fascists. On its territory passed North country Orlovsko - the Kursk arch, here there were very much difficult fights. Terrible, on memoirs of front-line soldiers, events under Besedeno, Bobrikami, Zajtsevo … Today on a village fence almost each local village there are communal graves. As a rule, over them there is a small plaster monument, around ogradka - where pig-iron, where usual shtaketnik. In small territory of area of 44 brotherly burial places of military men of the Soviet army. According to official figures, here are based more than 11 thousand soldiers and officers. On informal - on a sector of the front of 40 kilometres of victims much more, every year search groups find in these parts remains of not buried fighters.

Frequently burial places of soldiers of two armies are absolutely nearby. So, at village Besedeno on a small hill it is buried about 800 German soldiers. At the same time this hill and its vicinities were witnesses of the tragedy played here. In December, 1941 Hitlerites have pressed 1113 - j a regiment 330 - j a shooting division. The commander of a sanitary platoon, the recent student of the Moscow State University Elizabeth Shamshikova, it has appeared in an environment with 70 critically wounded patients. Fascists have burnt a collective-farm shed together with people where the self-denying nurse to the last tried to help wounded men. On this place in lowland costs small modest stela …

Past summer in administration of Belevsky area with the request to allow to equip burial places of German soldiers representatives of Association international military - memorial cooperation have addressed. Local authorities not that that have refused to them, but have asked to postpone for a while this question, confusedly without going into details the reasons of such decision.

Meanwhile in territory of Belevsky area it is revealed four large burial places of military men of the German army. And they have been found out in due time black kopateljami shamelessly plundered tombs. So officials have not doubted necessity of similar memorial burial places - the soldier who were lost in the war, should be buried adequately, but … the Reasons of it but Julia Vnukova has explained, itself there is no time as a part of the Tula search groups struggling with kopateljami : all speaks a disastrous condition of brotherly burial places of the Soviet soldiers area territory.

- In villages today there were basically the old men much of them remember those events. Present: above a well-groomed military cemetery of Germans, and at bottom of a hill more, than a modest monument to our fighters, - Julia Vnukova speaks. - I have suggested area administrations to carry these burial places territorially.

Reconstruction for … 300 roubles

But on improving all rural communal graves, there is no money. As it was found out, all rural memorials to soldiers - to liberators are on balance of the regional budget. But the regional power as - that so has forgotten partially about rural tombs. As has told the head of Zhukovsky rural district of Belevsky area of Valentine Petrunina, since 2001 for maintenance of these burial places it is allocated on 300 - 500 roubles a year. This year in honour of 65 - letija Victories in regional (not regional) the budget have put more - 30 thousand. However, all sum on village and have not seen. It was possible to find sponsors who have offered on putting in order of soldier`s burial places of 20 thousand roubles. It on 18 communal graves which are in territory of Zhukovsky district. What it was possible to make on this money?

- Monuments and obelisks have been put in 1958. They in more - less satisfactory condition, we have plastered them, still will stand, - has told Valentine Nikolaevna. - On sponsor`s money have updated plates with lists of victims. Militiamen have well helped - have corrected fencings, man`s force there was necessary, without them we would not consult. On budget money have bought shtaketnik, established. Not to memorials to us - to make all presentable that it was not a shame before relatives of victims.

It is necessary live

Incomparably richer, than Belevsky area, the regional centre, preparing for Victory Day celebrating, has spent from city treasury for repair of memorials of a hero town of seven millions roubles. It is not necessary to compare, of course, a memorial complex to defenders of Tula on one of main squares of the regional centre and modest stelu in village Besedeno. But nevertheless the overwhelming majority of victims lie not in the centre of big cities, namely in communal graves on country churchyards such to nobody of known villages, in territory of rural districts with poor budgets. And not fault of heads of these settlements that they have nothing to make worthy obelisks. Absence of financing is their trouble.

- Earlier the Tula small-arms factory was a patron of Belevsky area - the pensioner and the public figure living in belevskoj to village Snyhovo, Nikolay Matveev remembers. - Annually armourers put in order brotherly burial places. Now TOZ - the joint-stock company, to its proprietors is obvious not to shefskih cares.

Nikolay Matveev considers that well there was any all-Russian federal program of an accomplishment of brotherly burial places which would capture all of them - to the most distant remote places.

the Present colonel

But is in the Tula area and really a unique example. Still recently the memorial in the city of Kimovske was in the started condition. The local administration never had means to put it in order. Until then while in 2006 the native of this city, recent and working in capital, the colonel of FSB Valery Kazakov has not suggested municipality to establish in honour of the victim in these parts a battalion the tank. It was possible to agree with a tank museum in the Cuban about tank T allocation - 55. The special governmental order of the Russian Federation with what chief ROSTO has helped, the general - colonel Sergey Maev has been for this purpose let out. Architect Alexey Kochakovsky has made the project of a memorial complex. Then there was a difficult transportation of the tank in Kimovsk on a special platform, by the way, unique in Moscow. And there and local authorities have begun to fuss - have found means on trotuarnuju a tile. According to Kazakova, anybody has never refused to it the request for the help.

Gradually around the strange colonel active workers were organised, and every year they add something in an accomplishment of a memorial complex. By means of local businessman Alexander Tsangelja two howitzers 40 - h years of M - 40 have brought from Cheboksary. Them have established on avenue of Heroes which have honoured in 13 Heroes of Soviet Union - natives of Kimovsky area. And then have gone further - have put in order a brotherly burial place in the next village Beloozero. In plans of volunteers to make illumination kimovskogo a memorial, constantly burning eternal fire, to change facing of bayonets from which vandals have torn off a stainless steel …

- I know that such military operations, - colonel Valery Kazakov speaks. - Here were lost 18 - summer boys who did not have anything, except sweaty soldier`s blouses. God has given them life, and they here have lost it. As it is possible not to remember them!


Oleg Zolotaryov, the head of the regional search centre the Selector :

- Recently in Tula passed international a round table devoted to questions of perpetuating of memory of victims at protection of Fatherland in the Great Patriotic War. Participants specified in possibility in the long term integration of burial places, carrying over of remains to special Barrows of Glory. In the same Belevsky area, for example, such is. In favour of integration tells also such fact: today in many villages on which village fences there are such monuments, already there are no inhabitants. In Belevsky area, for example, village Suhachevo: the monument to defenders is, and the village - is not present. Or in Zajtsevo - the monument costs opposite to the destroyed building of club.

Other way of a solution of a problem of care of monuments - creation volonterskih groups. But financing that such groups have been provided by all necessary is necessary.

Besides, in many cases lists of victims on memorials of communal graves to some extent do not correspond to real quantity and personal structure of the soldiers buried in given territory. Similar checks in the Rostov region (club Memory - Search ), Republic Tatarstan (association Fatherland ), Republic Latvia (the project Russian memorials in Latvia ) allow to assume about existence of a similar situation in scales of all post-Soviet territory. We have addressed in the Tula regional thought with the offer on carrying out of session concerning certification military - memorial objects, perpetuating of memory of the fallen defenders of Fatherland and definition of possible sources of financing of the given work.