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In Ekaterinburg erect a monument to Boris Yeltsin

Memorable stelu from white marble erect on one of the main city streets whom have renamed into Boris Nikolaevicha`s honour in a year of his death. Any secret from action on obelisk installation   do not do and curious townspeople with interest can observe, how Yeltsin`s mighty figure grows white marble.

Official opening of a monument is planned for February, 1st in the presence of Yeltsin`s relatives and the first persons of the state. This day to Boris Nikolaevichu 80 years are executed and the extensive program is dated for an anniversary.

- For Ekaterinburg I have made a thing which analogues are not present in Russia. In my representation Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin was the person light, therefore and the material is chosen marble of white colour. Not traditionally in bronze or a granite, a material which is official and dead enough, and here in marble. Live, translucent stone, - has told during visit to Ekaterinburg the author of a memorable obelisk George Franguljan. Is such block in movement, a powerful, charismatic monument confirming a victory.

Under the statement of Franguljana, it erected an obelisk to Yeltsin from a blank leaf that is did not do a preliminary breadboard model in full size. The stone was cut without rehearsals therefore the architect as the sapper had no right to an error. To consist   a monument   there will be from four blocks of the marble, everyone on 15 tons in weight. Pieces establish against each other and, on an idea, they should keep without everyone additional stsepki, only at the expense of natural terrestrial gravitation. As a result the obelisk will rise on height in ten metres.

As Boris Nikolaevicha Tatyana Yumashev`s daughter, this monument of Franguljana to it admitted and Naine Iosifovne very much was pleasant: When George Vartanovich worked over nadgrobem on Yeltsin`s tomb, we too could not estimate this work in advance, the idea - a three-coloured Russian flag was so huge. But it has turned out beautifully. It seems, this flag as live as if it is shone over a tomb. This time we also trusted the artist, in what did not interfere, have given only a few councils.

On a question, in the monument how many has managed, Franguljan has preferred not to answer. Has specified only that the Ural treasury on it is not has left copecks. And this thing, in its opinion, is invaluable.

the Obelisk to Yeltsin is erected at a building front staircase where the centre of a name of the first president of Russia will settle down. The centre building basically is constructed, there were only internal works. But to open by its future anniversary it will not be possible. It is supposed that centre doors will open in a year.