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By February, 1st in Moscow there will be a new scheme of placing small roznitsy

to Adhere to principles of specialisation the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has demanded from owners melkoroznichnyh shops. Acting yesterday at session of the capital government, he has noticed that small retail god trades knows than, beginning from furs, wall-paper, footwear finishing beer and cigarettes . And here the goods necessary for inhabitants of this or that microdistrict first of all, on counters practically you will not see.

I ask at drawing up of the scheme of placing of objects melkoroznichnoj trade to make to their additional demands, - the mayor has underlined. - specialisation of shops " first of all should be observed;. Differently, according to the town governor, on counters of tents and booths essential commodities should lie first of all. And if, for example, undertook to sell bread only in it and should trade. Milk - means milk. city authorities should be assured that tents will add a niche of shops of step-by-step availability - the mayor has underlined.

Acted at session of the government the representative SUPPORT of Russia Nikita Kuznetsov also considers that stalls in capital should change the mission cardinally. for last decades small trade in capital marginalizovalas, - considers it. - it began to be guided by the unpretentious buyer. We should aspire to make its civilised. As, for example, in countries of Western Europe where support first of all the manufacturer, instead of buy and pereprodajut in large quantities cheap import .

we Will remind, by February, 1st in Moscow there should be a new scheme of placing small roznitsy. It is created taking into account wishes of Muscovites. At first she was supposed to be confirmed by May, but the mayor has asked to accelerate terms. After its statement auctions on the right of placing of this or that object in certain territory will start to be spent. Many stalls have a chance to keep familiar spots. Only it is necessary to change appearance. In a city the pavilions which design is approved by Moskomarhitekturoj will be established (to get acquainted with how new booths and stalls will look, it is possible on a site http:// www. mka. mos. ru/). And here all mobile trade is subject to liquidation. now trading objects which settle down on wheels, have no earth lease contracts, - the head of department of trade and services Michael Orlov has explained at session of the government. - by July, 1st trade from wheels will be liquidated. On a place of mobile tents there will be new modern pavilions .

By the way

Sergey Sobjanin also has asked to pay attention to that the territory of placing of trading objects in capital has been arranged well. I ask prefectures to take this duty on myself, to give out for these needs necessary money so that objects small roznitsy stood in the arranged well places, instead of on lawns or roads. They should not create hindrances for pedestrians and transport and to break normal work of underground - the capital town governor has underlined.