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In Russia for sports development it will be spent 90 mlrd roubles within three years

In situated near Moscow Novogorske Vladimir Putin has held meeting on realisation Strategy of development of physical training and sports in Russia till 2020 .

Before beginning conversation on the physical culture future in the country, Putin has informed that has signed the order about organising committee creation on World championship preparation on football in 2018 and the supervisory board. The organising committee will be engaged in interaction with regions and departments, and also with foreign partners.

Uchebno - the training centre novogorsk in which has passed the meeting, not one decade is engaged in preparation of Russian national teams. Simultaneously here there can be 250 sportsmen, trainers and doctors. Now the centre is reconstructed - and when works will come to the end, on gathering there can already arrive 500 persons.

Building follows account FTSP Physical training and sports development in the Russian Federation on 2006 - 2015 . As general director FGUP " has told; Sports - Engineering Alexander Vasjukov, it will manage in 3,5 mlrd rub, from them 998 million was necessary on the centre of winter sports with two ice skating rinks - for hockey and shorts - a track or figure skating, and also with a hall for curling with gauges in ice.

This complex also have shown to the head of the government. In the same place Putin has communicated to youth Russian national team on hockey, with triumph come back of the USA, and has handed over to the instructor of children Valery Bragin the certificate of the deserved trainer. Here they trained - on the first-ever transformed platform with moved apart boards that has allowed to approach it to the Canadian conditions. The sweater with autographs became a reciprocal gift. Speaking about national team game, Putin named it shining, interesting, beautiful, I would tell, strong-willed .

- the minister and the prime minister Has communicated to girls - hockey players who have assured it of a victory in March in the championship in Dmitrove and have informed that will go on the Olympic Games to Sochi. in Sochi it is necessary to win - the head of the government has nodded. Then the programs were executed by figure skaters. On all skating rinks the centralised video fixing is established, in each class and a locker room there are interactive boards on which it is possible to spend analysis flights on trainings.

I 6 - was 7 years ago here, and progress is felt, of course, - Putin has shared impressions. - if so we will build further work on creation necessary financially - technical base we will create such base from which it will be easier to sportsmen to work and move to prize-winning places .

For sportsmen have tried to create all conditions that they could have a rest properly after trainings: Room with mountain air, saunas with an aromatherapy in locker rooms. Besides the centre of winter sports the hall for all kinds of gymnastics, pool for national team flying training on freestyle here will be constructed, and also hotel and is sports - an improving complex with the regenerative block and a residential zone on 120 places. There will be even a football ground with heating.

After such excursion in the future at meeting it was possible to speak about sports prospects confidently. Development strategy has been accepted in 2009, Putin at meeting has reminded: It was uneasy year, heavy from the point of view of maintenance of rates of economic growth... Well, in general, crisis . But project realisation did not begin to postpone. it is important, that regular playing sports, refusal of bad habits became norm for the majority of our people - the head of the government has explained. He has informed that while teamwork with regions, municipalities and public organisations yields positive result. In 2008, for example, those who regularly goes in for sports, was on 2 million less. Now regularly visit sports halls and stadiums about 25 million persons. By the end of 2015, count in the government, the figure will exceed 42 million In the long term, Putin has noticed, it is necessary to leave on level of neighbours - Europeans where about 70 percent of the population actively go in for sports.

Mass sports should become on - to the present accessible, mean, it is necessary to develop an infrastructure - the prime minister has called. In 2010 at the expense of the federal budget it has been constructed about 300 new sports constructions. In total in their country over 243 thousand, they are calculated on 6,3 million persons. successes at us while modest, but rate obviously positive - the head of the government has summed up. Investments into sports - one of the state priorities. In the budget expenses on physical culture and sports have been allocated in independent section, and within three years on these purposes is planned to direct approximately 90 mlrd roubles, and most of all this year - 39,5 mlrd rbl.

Vladimir Putin has urged to concentrate attention to active advancement of mass sports, especially among youth. High-grade sports formation should return to schools, he considers. The advanced programs and techniques are necessary, it is necessary to expand a network fizkulturno - improving complexes and detsko - youthful sports clubs. Serious stimulus for sports development are successes of national teams, and also carrying out in the country of the largest international tournaments, the head of the government considers.

In 2011 only for sports medicine it will be spent in addition 2,5 mlrd rbl., he has informed. Last year on these purposes has gone all 130 million rbl. But now each sportsman of a national team should have an individual program of medical maintenance.

It is necessary to improve and national system of preparation and selection of a sports reserve to involve the best and most professional shots, including from - for a boundary. The basic criterion of efficiency of preparation should become the quantity of sportsmen which would become world champions and Europe, the prime minister - the minister has concluded. And the increase in salaries for members of a national team - on the average to 80 thousand roubles becomes stimulus for them, the minister of sports Vitaly Mutko has informed.