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In arbitration the first electronic remedial document

Arbitration court of the Omsk region has arrived has informed on receipt of the first remedial document in electronic form. For the first time in domestic practice legally significant document is accepted by court and filed in business not on a paper.

till now electronic versions of documents at the best only copied a paper. Return process now begins: paper versions can become addition to electronic manufacture. If to whom to read on sheet more habitually, can unpack and enjoy. to execute the come into force new edition of article 41 of the Arbitration remedial code of the Russian Federation service of giving of documents in electronic form is placed in operation in system of arbitration courts on January, 11th, 2011. The arbitration court of the Omsk region among the first has directed the demand for connection to system - informs an official site of court.

In this or that kind so-called electronic justice takes root both in Arbitration courts, and in courts of law. However till now the newest technologies did not concern a justice inner sanctum - remedial documents. It was necessary to submit claims exclusively on a paper. Though in itself electronic affairs are gradually formed both in arbitration, and in courts of law.

with computers to work more conveniently, and not only judges know it. However last step - to pass to high-grade electronic justice - it difficult most. Only when the claim can be submitted, conditionally speaking, without rising from a sofa, through the laptop then we will say that all at us electronic.

the first to introduce similar procedures begin Arbitration courts. The reasons are clear: here sort out relations professionals. In courts of the general jurisdiction truth simple citizens, frequently rather poor people, for which search for electronic technologies - a dark. Therefore there electronic claims are not so actual. Though on the other hand, anything bad, probably, will not be if to introduce such technologies as an additional option: you want, have legal proceedings on a paper, you want - on the computer. At least, in arbitration system and do.

introduction of system of giving of documents in electronic form became the next step to maintenance of availability and a justice transparency to arbitration courts, - informs an official site of Arbitration court of the Omsk region. - we will remind that all total judicial certificates of Arbitration courts, the information on business movement take place in an easy approach in the Card file of arbitration affairs on a site of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation. The persons participating in business, can receive automatic notices on business movement by e-mail or sms through system the Electronic guard . Besides, since November, 1st, 2010 it is conducted audiprotokolirovanie all judicial sessions .