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The special equipment will disguise witnesses in court

Courts have started to receive special black small suitcases which will help to protect especially important witness from superfluous eyes.

It is a question of special mobile complexes of protection of the witness which will help with a process course to interrogate the person it is dangerous to them to show the true worth. As explain in Judicial department at the Supreme court of Russia, during judicial session such witness is in a separate premise in which the image and a sound from a boardroom is transferred, and, in turn, in a boardroom the changed speech of the witness is transferred.

thus its voice is deformed to unrecognizability, and to distinguish it, even with application of special programs, it is impossible. After speech change its legibility and sense are not lost.

to Test similar technologies in courts have begun in 2000 - h years. For the first time scale operation on protection of witnesses has been applied in Tatarstan in 2001 - 2002 on business against criminal grouping Hadi Taktash . Then witnesses brought to court not simply under protection, and in masks and balahonistyh a coat, hiding a figure. Placed the people owning the dangerous information, not in a hall, and in to a secret room where the microphones changing a voice, and the chamber have been established. The judge entered into this room, proved the identity and came back in a session hall. And when all - taki was necessity to confront the person with the defendant, other methods were applied. For example, one valuable witness who has caught the killer in the act, even carried to put on make-up in opera theatre. And then it in such kind has come on procedure of an identification and has specified in the criminal.

In April, 2002 all leaders Hadi Taktash Have received long imprisonment terms, and tatarstansky experience was useful by working out of the federal program on protection of witnesses. In courts since then special secret rooms also began to appear. But the similar equipment was stationary and was established not everywhere. Now in Judicial department there were mobile complexes which can be if necessary delivered in any court.

For example, yesterday there was a message that six mobile komleksov protection of the witness have arrived to the Irkutsk region. And shortly before that it became known that three more such complexes are delivered to the Kostroma region. The hardware system of distortion of speech works in a mode of real time. Thus no noise or pulse hindrances to a signal are added. The equipment is stored in regional governments of Judicial department and is if necessary delivered, where it is necessary. Therefore, even if in court there is no special secret room, it any more a problem. The technics will help to transform any premise of court into a place of confidential interrogation. For a vessel equipment by technical devices for interrogation without visual supervision of victims and witnesses it is allocated almost 40 million roubles.