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The European authorities block accounts of the president who has run away from Tunis

In Europe accounts of president Zin who has run away from the country al - Abidina ben by Ali, members of his family and relatives are blocked.

the Authorities of Germany, Switzerland and France have made decisions to freeze avuary a clan ben Ali placed in banks of these states to prevent export of capitals.

In Tunis it started to check up on purpose investigation legality of an origin movable and real estate eks - the president, his wife Lejly ben Ali (Trabelsi), and also their numerous relatives. The clan correcting here within 23 years ben is accused by Ali of plunder of state ownership, corruption and abusings the position. Under a consequence the son-in-law of the disgraced president - local oligarch Sakr al - Matri who was considered as the successor of the dictator has got also.

the Central bank of Tunis has officially informed that all gold and exchange currency reserves are in safety, having denied thereby the information that ben Ali has ostensibly taken out Lejla with itself at flight from the country of one and a half ton of a precious metal. The gold reserves of Tunis make about 5,3 tons.