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The authorities of Tunis have declared improvement of a situation with safety in the country

the Time authorities of Tunis where last week has occurred jasmine revolution at two o`clock have reduced an operating curfew in connection with improvement of a situation with safety, has informed on Wednesday national Tunisian television.

New rules will operate, since Wednesday. Now movement of people and motor vehicles on streets is forbidden with 20. 00 to 05. 00 local time (22. 00 - 07. 00 Moscow time). Earlier this measure operated with 18. 00 till 5 mornings local time. Other restrictions entered according to mode CHR in Tunis while remain. It concerns an interdiction for meetings more than three persons in streets, and also the rights of military men to shoot in the persons who are not submitting or trying to disappear from law enforcement officers. Past Friday against already month of incessant disorders in the country the president of Tunis Zin al - Abidin ben Ali ran to Saudi Arabia.

the Power in the hands took the prime minister - the minister of Tunis Mohammed al - Gannushi. However on Saturday, after demonstrations in protest at the new protege svergnutogo a mode the constitutional council of Tunis has discharged of the power ben Ali and al - Gannushi, and, according to the Tunisian constitution, has delegated responsibility of temporarily head of the state to the speaker of parliament Fuadu al - Mabzaa. Besides, council declared carrying out in the country in 60 days of preschedule presidential election. Past Monday in Tunis the provisional government of national unity into which the former functionaries and representatives of the Tunisian opposition have entered and to which in a problem order restoration in the country and preparation and carrying out of presidential election is put has been generated. In all territory of Tunis the mode of state of emergency now operates, the curfew is entered. As a result of the disorders proceeding in Tunis from the middle of December of last year, were lost more than 70 persons, hundreds have suffered.