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Pensions of retired military men will be increased since 2012

Yesterday in Is new - Ogarevo the head of the government of the Russian Federation has met representatives of the veteran organisations. Together with Vladimir Putin expectations of front-line soldiers have listened vitse - prime minister Vyacheslav Volodin, the Minister of health and social development Tatyana Golikova, assistants to heads of the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Defence, and also representatives “ an United Russia “.

the Veteran organisations in Russia much - there are unions at participants of the Great Patriotic War, Afghani wars, at serving on frontier posts and so on. Their representatives also have come to discuss plans for the future with the prime minister. Having specified that the government sees in them of the major partners and further intends to improve the legislation and to render information assistance, the prime minister has suggested to sum up work and to talk about prospects. “ the relation to people of the senior generation for any society - the indicator of social responsibility “ - he has told. As veterans have given all life to the country, spilt for it blood, worked for idea, and life at them was rather modest. And now the senior generation has the right to count on worthy life, a demand and care, Putin has noticed.

All in Russia over 40 million veterans and pensioners, and their support is not connected in any way with internal political current events, is not subject to a conjuncture, the prime minister has declared. And in 2009 - m, and in 2010 to 70 percent of expenses of the federal budget had social character - tried to make everything to soften crisis blows, he has repeated: “ We realised that many simply do not have other source of the income, except pensions and social benefits. And Russia - the unique country in the world, faced crisis which has begun during this uneasy period scale reform of pension system “.

Pensions grew and in the past, will grow and this year. Monthly veterans of the Second World War receive to 23 thousand roubles, the widow of victims - 17 thousand roubles. For three years on maintenance of front-line soldiers with habitation it has been directed from above 170 mlrd roubles, living conditions have improved more than 145 thousand For remained (in turn while 41 thousand persons) is put 10 mlrd the rbl. of Premieres has assured of the budget that all veterans of apartment will receive. At them is and 50 - a percentage privilege for payment of utilities. But the prime minister has all the same asked present public men to be connected to monitoring of tariffs of housing and communal services and in due time to inform the government on infringements.

But also it it is not enough, “ work should be more harmonious and co-ordinated “ - Vladimir Putin is convinced. Therefore at the government there will be a coordination council on affairs of veterans which will be engaged in legislation perfection, support of projects and the programs focused on people of advanced age. The similar organisations should be formed and at level of regions and municipalities.

it is far not at all pensioners and veterans there is a possibility to address to lawyers. It is necessary to create a network of legal consultations on support of people of advanced age, Putin has continued: “ you have branched out structures, in them experts, lawyers work. Can use and the help of the qualified psychologists... A field for activity the widest “. He has assured that the state will support: this year veteran associations will receive about 270 million roubles from 900 million allocated for public organisations of a social orientation (the corresponding order has been signed in the end of the last year).

the prime minister and traditional sphere of veteran indignation - medical services has not avoided. “ I consider absolutely proved complaints to some medical institutions “ - he has noticed, having reminded of the beginning of the project of modernisation of public health services in regions and having suggested public men to participate in control over its realisation.

the Head of the government also has specified that access to state services for pensioners should be clear and as much as possible convenient. “ we give the report that the considerable part of older persons has got used to traditional forms of dialogue and not all have mastered the Internet, - it has explained. - therefore I want to tell that, certainly, work on rendering of various services in mnogofunk tsionalnyh the centres operating by a principle of one window " will be continued;.

From next year pensions of retired military men will raise, and also room debts before those officers who in 90 - e has been dismissed years without habitation granting will be closed. “ it is obvious social injustice, and this problem should be and will be solved, - Putin has firmly told. - If we will not have time to transfer keys in the end of 2011 these people will understand already really, what apartment they will receive, and in the beginning of 2012 they should receive habitation “.

Finishing the speech, the prime minister has addressed to the veteran organisations with the request to pay special attention for work with youth and its patriotic education, counteraction to extremist and nationalist ideas. “ you unite people whom, without any exaggeration, it is possible to name property of the nation, keepers of historical memory and life experience of our people. And your example, your authority should be necessarily claimed “ - he has concluded.

Leaving to journalists after conversation c Putin, the head of profile coordination council of presidium gensoveta “ an United Russia “ Galina Karelova has paid attention that prophylactic medical examination elderly - and at last will be spent in the near future. “ We have heard that there is a government commission in the near future to spend prophylactic medical examination of health of people of the senior generation, this commission to ìèíçäğàâñîöğàçâèòèÿ " address; - she has specified. Karelova admitted that the unions of pensioners stated for a long time such wishes to the ministry, but the answer was the following: it not so effectual measures. Now offers which the minister will discuss with public men will be prepared. Karelova has underlined that such prophylactic medical examination is spent for the first time - before it there passed only invalids of the Second World War.