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Stanislav Shevchenko: Our star volleyball duels are comparable to games plej - off the European championships and the world

on January, 21st and 22 this year to Kemerovo will pass star uik - end the Match of all stars of the man`s championship of Russia becomes which wreath. We will notice that the best volleyball players of the Russian Superleague will play in a new palace of sports Arena .

On the eve of interview event the president of the All-Russia federation of volleyball (VFV) Stanislav Shevchenko has given.

: Stanislav Vladimirovich, this year the Match of stars receives Kemerovo. Why this city has been chosen VFV as the owner?

Stanislav Shevchenko: First of all here it is necessary to give due as to a management local Kuzbas and administrations of the region as a whole. Those rates with which they develop volleyball in the region, are worthy the great praise. Present, just two years ago the governor of the Kemerovo region asked me that it is necessary to create good, strong a coma ndu. And today they already accept the Match of stars! And it is absolute deservedly. It is objectively tremendous dynamics of growth.

At the same time it is not necessary to forget that all some years ago the card of the Russian volleyball came to an end within Ural Mountains. Today we already have commands from Novosibirsk, from Kemerovo. These are clubs with the big ambitions. But we want to walk further. Before VFV there is a problem that in volleyball played from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. I say all it to that from the point of view of the territorial factor Kemerovo as a city - the owner of the Match of stars also approached perfectly.

RG: last years the Match of stars was spent in a format Russia against Other world . This time players are divided on koman dy the West and the East . With what it is connected?

Shevchenko: When the decision was made to reduce on platform of Russians and foreigners is it was objectively interesting to fans. Such antagonism then caused the raised agiotage in our fans of volleyball. Today time another. For clubs from the East present rivalry will have basic character. What to hide, in the conditions of geographical remoteness to develop sports of the higher achievements always more hard. It is more than obstacles. Therefore vostochnikam for certain it will want to prove that at desire it is possible to win everywhere. And game from it, I assure you, only will win.

RG: Volleyball matches of stars, by the way, in sense of a sports principle, will give the big odds to similar meetings of best of the best in the same hockey or basketball.

Shevchenko: At all I will not exaggerate, if I will tell that on the quality, our star duels are quite comparable to games plej - off the European championships and the world.

RG: Event will be stretched for two days. Besides direct duels the West and the East what will include still star uik - end?

Shevchenko: In the first day will pass the master - classes for children. Plus volleyball players will hold a meeting where them will divide into commands Old men and Young . That is age players will unite in one national team, those that are younger - in another. Well and, of course, show - competitions. I think, it will be very interesting. Tickets if I am not mistaken, in cash desks already are not present.

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the Match of stars of the Superleague is devoted memory of glorified Soviet volleyball player Vladimir Savvina which for the sports career five times became the champion of the USSR, and also won gold awards of superiority of the world and Europe. Savvin has ended Military institute of foreign languages, has served to a rank of the lieutenant colonel. Upon termination of sports career held posts of the chairman of Federation of volleyball of the USSR, the vice-president of the International federation of volleyball.