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To Kemerovo will pass the Match of stars of a man`s Superleague on volleyball

on January, 21st and 22 this year to Kemerovo will pass star uik - end the Match of all stars of the man`s championship of Russia becomes which wreath. We will notice that the best volleyball players of the Russian Superleague will play in a new palace of sports Arena .

voting of fans which, actually, and defined to whom on January, 21st and 22 in Kemerovo to be has been the day before complete. The complete list of participating volleyball players is resulted hardly more low. We will notice only that the absolute leader on number of the collected votes became blocking Belgorod the Locomotive and a national team the West Dmitry Musersky - 3410 voices. In the east more than other sympathies the leader Novosibirsk " has earned; railwaymen Valery Komarov (3314).

as to regulations, how you have noticed, it this year has changed. Unlike the previous similar games when on a platform there were commands Stars of Russia and Other world this time national teams it has been decided to generate by a geographical principle.

Invariable there will be a format - star show to Kemerovo, as well as last year`s in Surgut, will last two days. Besides direct a match, volleyball players will compete in individual competitions, will spend the master - classes.

the Right will order about best of the best is given the head coach Kazan Zenith to Vladimir Alekno ( the West ) and to the instructor the Locomotive from Novosibirsk to Andrey Voronkovu ( the East ).

under them sensitive a management following volleyball players (players of a reserve are allocated by an asterisk) will play:

the West National team

Binding: Vadim Hamuttsky ( JAroslavich ), Lloj Ball ( Zenith ) Sergey Grankin ( the Dynamo ) *

Doigrovshchiki: Taras Htej ( the Locomotive - Belogore ), Sergey Tetjuhin ( Zenith ), Maxim Pantelejmonenko ( Zenith ), Dante ( the Dynamo Rejd Priddi ( Zenith ), Peter Veresh* ( the Dynamo ), Guillaume Samika* ( the Spark );

Diagonal: Maxim Mihajlov ( Zenith ), Simeon Poltavsky ( JAroslavich ), Johan Shops ( the Spark )

Blocking: Dmitry Musersky ( the Locomotive - Belogore ), Alexey Kazakov ( the Dynamo Alexey Kuleshov ( the Spark ), Nikolay Apalikov ( Zenith );

Libero: Alexey Verbov ( the Spark ) Alexander Janutov ( the Dynamo Kr).

the East National team

Binding: Alexander Butko ( the Locomotive Kevin Hanssen ( the Torch );

Doigrovshchiki: Igor Shulepov ( Gazprom - Jugra ), Nikolay Leonenko ( the Locomotive Bjoern Andre ( Kuzbas ), Robert Kromm ( Ural Mountains );

Diagonal: Alexander Gerasims ( the Locomotive - the Emerald ), Nikolay Pavlov ( the Locomotive Klejton Stanley ( Ural Mountains ), Michael Beketov* ( the Torch ), Vasily Nosenko ( Gazprom - Jugra );

Blocking: Lukash Kadzhevich ( Gazprom - Jugra ), David Li* ( Kuzbas ), Andrey Ashchev ( the Locomotive ), Matias Rejmejkers ( the Locomotive ), Hristo Tsvetanov ( the Locomotive - the Emerald ) Konstantin Poroshin ( Kuzbas ), Alexander Kritskij* ( the Torch );

Libero: Valery of MOSQUITOES ( the Locomotive Alexander Sokolov ( the Torch ).

the inquiry

the Match of stars of the Superleague is devoted memory of glorified Soviet volleyball player Vladimir Savvina which for the sports career five times became the champion of the USSR, and also won gold awards of superiority of the world and Europe. Savvin has ended Military institute of foreign languages, has served to a rank of the lieutenant colonel. Upon termination of sports career held posts of the chairman of Federation of volleyball of the USSR, the vice-president of the International federation of volleyball.