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In the Volgograd region the official have punished for red tape with statements of peasants

the New Nikolaev district court of the Volgograd region recognised the head of department of regional administration guilty of infringement of terms of consideration of letters of citizens. On the first time the servant of the people which on one and a half month did not answer people, has got off with the prevention.

Carelessness of the official was found out during planned check of performance of the ground legislation which public prosecutors have spent to administrations of the New Nikolaev area of the Volgograd region.

the Ground code of the Russian Federation takes away on studying of statements for allocation of the ground areas which can submit both private persons, and the companies, two weeks. In this time the official is obliged to declare auction on sale of this site or in writing to explain to the applicant why it cannot be made. However the chief of department on building, housing and communal services, to architecture and town-planning of administration of the New Nikolaev area Anatoly Prosvirov of haste did not suffer also the letter in the address studied long.

- From magazine of reception and mail sending it is visible that in building department officials answered statements of inhabitants of area much longer, than it is necessary under the law. For claim giving in court we have selected four letters which have arrived in administration one and a half months ago and still remained without the answer, - the public prosecutor of area Denis Nizhnikov has explained.

the Similar red tape with documents admits the administrative code infringement, but usually for its correction there is enough instruction of Office of Public Prosecutor. However in Novonikolaevke the instruction has not managed. prosvirov proved to the checking: before to allocate a site, it is necessary to measure, send it a bale of inquiries in different departments, to receive from them answers. In two weeks you will not keep within in any way. However public prosecutors insisted on the: The law is the law. Also if officials are not ready to be corrected, have proved their wrongfulness in court.

- the District court has involved Anatoly Prosvirova in administrative liability of infringement of the terms of consideration of statements established by the law on granting of the ground areas. If it also delays further answers to letters of people it will be compelled to pay the penalty, - Nizhnikov has specified.

it would Seem, the sin - red tape with letters is insignificant. Especially against scandals with officials - swindlers and thieves who regularly emerge in each region of the country. However any Russian should know that the law protects its right on garantirovanno a prompt reply of the official. And if the letter has suddenly got lost in the corridors of power guilty of inactivity it is possible to punish.

Denis Nizhnikov, truth, underlines: the public prosecutor can submit the judicial claim for this article of the administrative code only. Therefore it is necessary to operate, having got of support of this department.