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Arcady Dvorkovich: Russia will access to WTO in 2011 if partners do not put forward new requirements

Russia will access to WTO this year if partners in negotiations do not put forward new requirements. It was declared today by the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Arcady Dvorkovich.

We consider that actually all negotiations substantial are already spent also all positions formulated - it has reminded.

  There was a technical stage of realisation of this project - the assistant to the president has told. if all our partners operate thus, without putting forward new requirements process of the introduction of the Russian Federation in the WTO will come to the end quickly, this year - the assistant to the president predicts.

If there will be new substantial requirements then I not undertake to do forecasts as nobody undertakes to do, for example, forecasts on when, at last, WTO member countries will agree about end of negotiations in the WTO - he has added.

Dvorkovich has noticed that in parallel we form trading and other economic unions with our nearest neighbours, we carry on negotiations for zones of free trade, about uniform economic space with the European Union .

If we for any reasons, - I repeat, I hope that it will not occur, but if - we will not access to WTO, the set of such agreements and trade modes will be alternative - the assistant to the president has told. but it is better to combine these unions with membership of Russia in the WTO - he has added. Dvorkovich has underlined that for Russia - the WTO is the good bargain if it is possible so to say .

  And pluses from the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO there will be more than risks first of all the WTO is possibility to play by identical game rules, a possibility of formation of relations of investors to Russia as to the country with civilised legal frameworks for business dealing . But as already we spoke time and again, we will not sell any interests for accession to WTO - he has noted.
earlier the head of department of trading negotiations of Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Maxim Medvedkov has declared that following the results of a series of consultations of working group till the end of April it will be clear, whether we can finish negotiations to definitive end this year.

In case of their successful end, the mechanism of joining of Russia to the WTO as Medvedkov has informed, will proceed as follows: The working group, that is the trunk-call organisation which supervises over process, should prepare all documents are some thousand pages, - to verify them with all members of the WTO and to direct these documents together with recommendations about acceptance of Russia to the WTO in an organisation General council .

As a rule, Gensovet of the WTO gathers time in two months. Thus, theoretically it can make positive decisions for joining of Russia till the end of the first half of the year 2011. In this case the State Duma of the Russian Federation will receive the document for consideration and ratification during the autumn session.

the Maximum term which takes away on this procedure to the Russian legislators, makes 3 - 5 months.