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The capital photographer has gone for the present life in village

In farm Senshin of the Rostov region there was odnovnevnaja a photo-exhibition. The exhibition was started by the Moscow photographer Yury Melnikov. Has printed pictures, has arranged a buffet table and has advertised on the Internet: Welcome to look and posnimat at Russian village, to stop is where .

the Thrown brick house detached. Windows are beaten out, doors too. On a wall someone has left a wide optimistical inscription All will turn out! . Here - that also happens soobytie, till now in Senshine the unknown. Photo-exhibition.

all the month long farmers lived expectation. Jure called, offered the help. Bent for to art senshintsy explain simply: for meetings there are only two occasions: wedding and funeral. And here - an exhibition! Yes what: in pictures they. All the summer long Jura tried to catch in an objective eye and characters senshintsev.

- you only look, eyes what! - shows Jura the pictures. Dirty, barefoot little girls and boys, girls with buckets and without, tractor operators, cows, cats...

Jura of Millers the professional photographer. On life earns a photo - removes grooms and brides, photographs korporativy, does portraits of children of rich capital parents.

- I Come to them, I photograph, and at them in eyes not that that emptiness, there is no that life which I see here, - he tells. - Here you look at children - and you remember military photos or republic SHKID. All of them summer barefoot, dirty, and those never barefoot went by the ground, a cow never saw! I talked to one child, he a cow only on VDNH saw.

last year Jura has sold pair of photos with such rural plot to collectors from the West.

- They very well buy such pictures, - he speaks. - One photo has sold for one and a half thousand euro, and the second for two. And so they said the same that I to you have told, - here only on one photo it is possible to photograph the Hollywood blockbuster! I did not expect, in what this idea will pour out, - Jura admits. - At me such sensation that people in remote places have yearned, if it is possible to tell, on art. Here after all anything is not present - either a cinema, or club, Recreation centre! Even light in the street is not present in the evenings!

Light was not and in the house All will turn out! . But here Jure with pleasure has helped the head of regional administration Zolotovsky Alexander Grigorevich. A day before event there have arrived electricians and builders, have sheathed a room polyfoam, have installed electrical equipment, windows a film have closed, a platform for cars have levelled. All night long Jura with mum and friend Mishej hanged out photos. Have bought wine, sandwiches, have prepared a buffet table. - everything as it is necessary, - tells Jura. Have finished at daybreak.

Of such flow of visitors of Jura did not dream at all.

- Such sensation as if all area has gathered, - he greedily tells. - cars has come in large numbers! Numbers Rostov, Volgograd, Krasnodar, even the Moscow! Two buses with children have arrived! To the people has jammed - as herrings in butts! And all have not simply come - have left, and stand long, consider. To one woman, aunt Vale Kulakovoj - at it two years ago the son was lost - someone speaks, look, it It is brisk yours. She has seen, and tears have begun to flow... In general, three hours all it proceeded. All in shock were. The visitors` book asked.

Many wanted to buy photos, but Jura distributed for nothing. Local administration which with delight has accepted idea of an exhibition, he has presented 115 photos.

- the Youth local was interested, whether it is possible to arrange photosession, I free of charge photographed them next day. With me there has arrived talented photographer Misha Maslennikov, too has lighted up this idea, the master - has dared to spend here a class a photo Basis . In Moscow he spends him for the big money (10 thousand roubles), and here for all is free, - tells Jura.

Some visitors, truth, it is a little povozmushchalis why it is an exhibition has happened in any village, instead of in district as it is necessary. But as a whole remained are happy. Event discuss till now and with impatience continuation wait.

I listen to Juru and I think, there lives the person in Moscow, not bad earns, and then suddenly goes to far village, spends the time and own money (one only photos on fifty thousand roubles has printed) for exciting and pleasing another`s people.

- to you - that what for all it? - I ask.

- you saw these persons, these eyes! When here you come and you communicate, heart blood has a shower bath. After all at them what course of life? At children army and the TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE, little girls - in sellers. Well someone, can, will be beaten out in people. In general at me the idea has arisen: let people will look at art, can, they will have a stimulus to grow emotionally and spiritually, - Jura confusedly dreams. - Perhaps other sense will get their life, it becomes more interesting. I after all on myself know: one approving word told in time, sometimes means much more, than ten years of training at school. Eh, here gas and the Internet to spend, - Jura sighs. - last year a lot of wood has burnt down, if gas not to spend, remained on fire wood will chop up... I in Moscow have familiar artists, writers, potters, they with pleasure here would go, there would be conditions... Would work here, had a rest, you look - and life in Senshine would become more interesting.

After an exhibition Jury had one more idea.

- That the people to stir, through the regional newspaper we declare photocompetition, something like My edge or My village . To the winner of times in half a year we will hand over the digital camera. I will try to agree with manufacturers, instead of it will turn out - the purchase on the money.

In the visitors` book: the Exhibition super!!! All is cool, healthy and beautiful! More such photographers to meet on life, Majorova Nelli . the Big gratitude to Miller Yury for the given possibility to visit the past and to remember our youth and that happy life - Seltsova Hope, Kuzmin Galina . Photos simply amazing ...