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New amendments can be made to the law on payments established by decree

Yesterday at a building minzdravsotsrazvitija in Moscow again the future mums have gathered. Them have supported, leaving on the All-Russia action declared by means of the Internet, the woman and in other cities of Russia - Ulyanovsk, Omsk, Saratov, St.-Petersburg.

Women were stopped even by that in the end of last week deputies in the first reading have considered the amendment to the law on social insurance which enters an annual transition period to more rigid order of calculation of maternity and birth benefit.

As already informed, from the beginning of 2011 the law on which payments established by decree pay off proceeding from average earnings of the woman not for last year, and for two previous years has come into force. For the women who do not have the two-year experience of continuous work, it will seriously reduce the size of the grant on pregnancy. First of all yesterday`s students, and also the young mums, going to give birth to the second child after the first-born will suffer. The law has been accepted in the middle of December of last year, and president Dmitry Medvedev is literally in some days after its promulgation has informed that to it numerous complaints fell down from women. He has suggested the government to prepare amendments which would give the chance to the future mums to choose independently a variant of calculation of the grant - on an old regime or on new, depending on what of them is more favourable in a concrete case.

the Corresponding amendment has been prepared minzdravsotsrazvitija, and last Friday for it deputies of the State Duma have voted in the first reading. Thus the option is established only for a transition period - within 2011. And since 2012 new, more rigid order, will already extend on all women without dependence from their desire. Actually, such decision on a delay of pregnant women has not arranged, and they have decided to spend pickets again. the delay for a year protects only women who leave in the decree this year, - one of organizers of the action Diana Romanovsky has explained. - But after all, I hope, women will not stop to give birth and further, and since 2012 the grant will pay off again in the smaller size already without any variants .

Yesterday in the ministry the group of women led by Anastasiej Ermakovoj has met the director of profile department Tatyana Savitsky and the vice-president of Fund of social insurance Vitaly Linnik. The basic requirement of women - to change the formula of calculation of the size of the grant, not to consider the periods when the woman did not work, at definition of average earnings to divide it into actually fulfilled time, instead of 730 calendar days.

To us have listened, the meeting was constructive, we will wait for results - has told Anastas Ermakova. Whether

Will be again to reconstruct the law in favour of pregnant women, in minzdravsotsrazvitija while cannot unequivocally tell. In turn, and deputies, according to one of authors of the bill of Tatyana Jakovlevoj, will analyze once again its positions before exposing the document on the second - the third reading. It is not excluded that new amendments in favour of women all - taki will appear. The assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich has informed on it. In parallel we continue to work with references which are on deducing of the formula of calculation of grants. It is a lot of such references, and they continue to arrive. Probably, to the second reading additional amendments " will be made; - quote words of the official of RIA Novosti news agency.

the Photo: RIA Novosti news agency