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The innovative companies will release from the tax to property

the Enterprises which effectively use the newest process equipment, for three years will receive privileges under the tax to property. Such amendments contain in the bill which is already accepted by the State Duma in the first reading.

the chairman of Committee of the State Duma has informed On it under the budget and taxes Yury Vasilev and has told, what else key documents is planned to accept in the first decade of spring session.

In January amendments will be prepared for the first reading to the legislation which will put legal bases for creation federal and regional road funds. Federal it will be formed together with the country budget. its financing, - Vasilev has explained, - will pay off on the basis of predicted incomes of the federal budget of tax and not tax incomes. It is supposed to carry receipts to these sources from excises on fuel, rent from the ground areas located in a strip of tap of highways, and also gathering for journey of the cars registered outside of Russia . Document consideration is planned for February.

In committee the bill which should eliminate the contradictions arising at application of some positions of the Tax code also has arrived. It will help to adjust the value-added tax on building - to installation works, at the modernisation and reconstruction carrying out, leading to decrease in an initial project cost. The order of payment of taxes in foreign currency will be specified also.

At use of foreign currency as tax deductions recalculation will be spent in roubles at the rate of Bank of Russia, and in case of decrease in rates on tariffs of the executed works also taxes accordingly will decrease. Besides, this bill will bring the mite and in sports development, having released from payment of the VAT of service in granting in rent of sports constructions for preparation is sports - the entertainment actions spent by sports organising committees.

Especially would like to tell about changes and additions in a part the second the Tax code, - Vasilev has underlined. - They will allow to accelerate procedure of compensation of the VAT considerably. In the plan - new amendments on debts settlement on payment of taxes, gathering, fines and penalties . They will help to transform the mechanism of granting of delays on payment of taxes from nominal into the real. There will be new possibilities of use of the investment tax credit which is now a little demanded. That is the tax bearer, has explained the deputy investing in development of manufacture, its modernisation, in research and development, in creation of workplaces for invalids, in nature protection actions, will have an opportunity to transfer payment of some taxes (first of all on profit and property) for later terms, having concluded the corresponding contract with tax department. As a result the mechanism of the investment tax credit can become for regions appreciable support of development of industrial and scientific potential on economy modernisation.

Now in a working out stage there are also projects of laws on additional tax preferences for families with three and more minor children, - Vasilev has informed. - the Size of a tax deduction can be increased to 3 thousand roubles a month by each child, since the third. Besides, the means got on support of children from the charitable organisations " should be completely excluded from the taxable income;.

Many documents wait the turn in the second reading. So, in February the State Duma will consider bills about nakopitelno - mortgage system of housing maintenance of military men, and also about an order of the account of incomes and expenses of subjects of small and average business at rendering of financial support by it. In March, Vasilev speaks, will pass the second discussion of the bill which establishes an order of expenses of investors on infrastructure building. as a whole, - the head of committee continues, - it is possible to say that at the heart of new tax strategy the decision of three primary goals is put. The first - to guarantee performance of social obligations to citizens. The second - to continue modernisation of economy and key elements of an infrastructure. And the third - to keep macroeconomic stability. All these problems dare by means of taxes which of a burden for business are transformed into working tools of modernisation . For example, this year in the first reading the bill which will facilitate returning of our foreign compatriots to Russia is approved. Now the rate of surtax for them makes 30 percent in the first 183 days. Now it can decrease to 13 percent. among 30 million our compatriots abroad, - the deputy, - many highly skilled experts in various areas of a science and manufacture explains, their experience and knowledge very much would be useful to our country .