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From service in army evade about 200 thousand young men

Yesterday the deputy chief of the Joint Staff Vasily Smirnov has explained, why military men suggest to prolong spring invocatory campaign till August, 31st.

Though the corresponding bill is not brought yet for discussion the State Dumas, the Minister of Defence do not doubt - terms of a soldier`s set will be changed. Generals connect necessity of such correction with problems of acquisition of power structures. Recruits in a system while suffice, however commanders does not arrange them military - vocational training. System existing nowadays when private soldiers five months sit at a school desk in educational divisions and approximately as much to time serve in linear parts, does not allow to let out from army of competent experts. Better to say, children come to barracks and leave it neumehami. That minimum of military knowledge that they receive in uchebkah For the short period of army life it has not time to be added with office experience.

to meet this lack, in the Minister of Defence have reconsidered the scheme of preparation of experts. If invocatory initiatives of generals find the law form, will type soldiers for study not two, but three times a year. Their stay in uchebkah it will be reduced with 5 till 3 months. All rest of the time soldiers will be typed to mind - to reason on ranges and shooting ranges.

the Correspondent has taken an interest at the deputy chief of the Joint Staff as appeal prolongation will be reflected in possibility of schoolboys to graduate. Vasily Smirnov of a problem here does not see. It has reminded that in due time a spring set of soldiers have specially prolonged on two weeks that to graduates of high schools could hand over diplomas.

As to schoolboys new terms of an appeal will not close it road to institutes and universities. The children who are not aspiring in students, will send in army before. And those who arrived, but it is not enlisted in high school - later, in the end of August when will be published receptions lists.

home the time rating will not be reflected In returning of soldiers: each demobilisation will take off the uniform exactly in a year, to the day with appeal date. Also can try the luck again in high school - results of Unified State Examination are valid and after service.

Armies are necessary experts, and soldier`s study reduce. Whether there is no here a contradiction? is not present - speak in the Joint Staff and as argument refer to statistics of invocatory campaigns. From year to year among recruits the number of graduates of high schools grows. For example, this autumn and in the winter to barracks have come almost 45 thousand diplomaed soldiers or 16 of each hundred recruits.

such guys first of all send to educational divisions. And try so to distribute replenishment that the future military speciality of soldiers was close to their civilian profession.

Unfortunately to complete armies only with the diplomaed soldiers it is impossible. Therefore to brigades and regiments send all more - less healthy recruits. The only thing for whom while do an exception, is people with the removed and extinguished previous conviction. Though under the law they too should serve, summonses to the former convicts did not write out military registration and enlistment offices in this autumn.

the Word while here the key. The problem what to form invocatory teams about everyone year all it is more difficult. For example, every third recruit should be released from service from - for serious illnesses.

the Big alarm in military men is caused by expanding army uklonistov. According to the Joint Staff, about 200 thousand young men not to undersign for the summons from a military registration and enlistment office, run from the house. And 13 thousand more recruits in the end of the last year simply have not come on assembly points. If to summarise these figures, the number comparable to total of recruits will turn out.