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From the Russian men on Australian Open there was only Michael Juzhnyj

In the third circle of the Open championship of Australia Vera Zvonareva, Nadezhda Petrova, Anastas Pavljuchenkova, Ekaterina Makarova and Michael Juzhnyj who has adjoined them have made the way.

But at first - about our defeats. Suddenly there will be no possibility and an occasion to tell about the Russians who have lost in the single category? Though many do not leave the Open championship of Australia, and continue struggle in duets.

It is insulting that has not passed further Alisa Klejbanova. Past Thursday it was resisted by Romanian Simona Halep, that which as fans of the secret tennis chronicle know, has performed operation on breast reduction. The magnificent bust prevented to carry out to the girl blows at the left, therefore it and has offered, so to say, own breast for the sake of professional career. Game thus has not worsened, can, even became better than that when Simona couple of years shone in Moscow in the European championship among juniors back. Klejbanova has conceded - 4:6, 6:7, but, seemingly, not too was upset: I Know the errors and weaknesses, and the competitor operated well .

Have descended from the Australian distance also Maria Kirilenko and Anna Chakvetadze.

But other our representative - Nadezhda Petrova, acting on the central court, has understood with a receiving party - Australian Alicia Molik. The account in a match 6:4, 6:1. And now Melbourn - park will see Russian derbi - Petrovoj against Ekaterina Makarovoj. Katya has departed from a heavy victory over Serbian Ivanovich and it is quiet, on a class has overcome Ukrainian Lesju Tsurenko who has made the way through qualification - 7:6, 6:1. As in two sets has issued an exit in the following circle of competition of Anastas Pavljuchenkova, beaten German Christina Barrois - 6:2, 6:2.

Well, and now about our leader - Vere Zvonarevoj. The belief knew that completely not simple competitor - Serbian Bojana Jovanovski will oppose it in the second circle. No, Zvonareva never played against this Serbian asterisks but heard about it much, specially together with trainer Sergey Demyohinym looked through videorecordings of its matches. But all the same - on start the Belief could not concentrate properly. It is good that all has come to an end safely - 2:6, 6:3, 6:1 in favour of the Russian, the second racket of the world.

In the match beginning my competitor played excellently, - the Belief after a match has been compelled to recognise. - I had to adapt to its game and to change the tennis already on a course. In the middle of the second set was the moments as which it is possible to consider rotary. We long played points, and they were important not only from the point of view of the account, but in sense of change of a current of a match. Of course - the unpleasant competitor! The match left madly heavy .

Michael Juzhnyj, best of Russians and unique from our muzhiks remained in Australia, has forced to worry enough fairly yesterday the admirers. Some even began to assert that the Russian has gone in the footsteps of Federera . The matter is that the day before the Swiss only in five sets has overcome Frenchman Zhilja Simona. Southern played against the little-known Slovene tennis player Blazha Kavchicha who has filtered through a selection sieve. First like all it was normal - 6:3, 6:1, but then Misha as if was switched off from struggle - 5:7, 4:6. In an ending of the fourth party the Russian wanted to be hooked, but it turned out nothing. In a solving set Southern has got down to business properly. The foot has However, started to disturb, but all the same Misha has managed to put a victorious end - 6:1.

Guards that circumstance that Michael Juzhnyj complains of shortage of game practice. He has told after a match that really played roughly, with numerous recessions. The second party the contender to it as has noticed Misha, itself has presented. Perhaps therefore our tennis player has lost attention in the third set? In a following circle to Michael to meet one more Balkan tennis player - Miloshom Raonichem supporting Canada whom, in turn, it is unexpected for many has beaten out from struggle of Frenchman Mikaelja Llodra.