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The Central Bank: the black list the top - the managers, finished the banks before ruin, has grown to 3 thousand persons

Black base the Central Bank in which are included a top - the managers who have finished the credit organisations to bankruptcy, has grown for half a year for 13 percent. Now in it more than 3 thousand persons, the director of department of licensing and financial improvement of Bank of Russia Michael Suhov has informed yesterday to journalists.

the Central Bank insists some years on that unfair heads and proprietors of banks were not supposed to this business, Suhov has reminded. And this idea do not intend to refuse.

In strategy of development of bank sector till 2015 the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance suggest to introduce also control market mechanisms. It is a question that the information on business reputation should be known to an unlimited circle of persons, Suhov has explained. It is planned that such given banks will be obliged to publish in open sources that potential investors and creditors could estimate them. And then they can estimate more objectively stability of the credit organisation and foresee possible troubles. While, truth, not quite clearly, will open where exactly such data. But it is obvious that in them data on business experience,   should contain; former posts and formation of heads of banks, Suhov has told. It has not excluded that such disclosing of the information can be even more effective lever, than administrative control.

we Will remind that in the end of the last year there was a number enough appreciable bankruptcies in the credit organisations literally. And representatives of the Central Bank do not exclude that the reason became not only unconscientiousness or punctures proprietors and managers, but also direct larceny of actives. In one of these cases to whom five banks, presumably connected among themselves have got at once, the sum of state guarantees for investors makes almost 10 billion roubles. But the damage is put not only to system of insurance of contributions, businessmen and other credit organisations which are partners " suffer also; burnt down banks. And at them chances to return money are very insignificant.

the Volume of the satisfied requirements of creditors of the liquidated banks last years decreases, Suhov ascertained. In 2010 to them could return only 6,5 percent of means. And though Agency on insurance of contributions and other competitive managing directors achieve in putting on courts subsidiarnoj responsibility, including on   owners of banks, real receipts of actives in competitive weight make real copecks. To help return gone Actives, the Central Bank suggests to expand powers ASV and to grant to it the right to make financial investigations. It is a question of that tax departments, other banks and the Central Bank have been obliged to answer inquiries of agency about movement of actives, Suhov has explained. It, hopes it, will allow to achieve bolshego collecting of means. Suhov Besides, has told, the attention to the question on introduction of a criminal liability for granting of the doubtful reporting is brought. It, we will notice, in many respects became the reason of last large bankruptcies. Also the attention to the question on introduction of responsibility of employees of banks for safety of databases is brought. After all quite often happens so that when in intended obankrochennuju the credit organisation law enforcement bodies come, electronic databases appear simply - naprosto are jammed. And to establish, where and on what channels there was money, it is already impossible.

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Suhov and norm offered by strategy about increase in the capital of banks to 300 million roubles Has specified. It is supposed that operating banks should be tightened to this threshold by 2015. And here for the new credit organisations this lath becomes obligatory from next year, Suhov has told. It becomes and that proprietors valued business, were not engaged in frauds, and made efforts for development of banks. By the way, as Suhov has reminded, at reception   licences   they are obliged to prove legality of an origin of means and to pay from them taxes. At a lath in 300 million roubles taxes will make 39 million. I am not assured that there will be many interested persons to make it with the fictitious capital and fictitious incomes - Suhov hopes.

However, by its estimation, in the come year basically changes in bank sector will be connected not with creation of new banks, and with purchase already operating, including, and at the expense of an input in their capital of foreign investors. And, as Suhov expects, the geography of presence of foreign investors in the Russian bank sector will extend. Besides investors already working in the Russian market from the USA and the Western Europe, at the Russian banks look narrowly   owners of capitals from the countries of fast-growing economy, from the Near East and Jugo - East Asia. To name these countries more precisely Suhov has refused. However, as he said, at the first stage it is a question of the business aimed at service of the foreign trade streams of residents from these countries.

As to new requirements to the capital which will come into force since January of next year for operating banks - they should double to 180 million roubles in it of the big problems Suhov does not see. Approximately the fourth part of banks can make it at the expense of own means, he believes. Now to such norm there do not correspond 185 banks. To fill up the capital, it should be found all 10,4 billion roubles, Suhov has counted up. Besides the bank sector grew in last year good rates, the quantity of unprofitable banks was reduced almost twice, the profit got by sector left on pre-crisis level. Besides, according to Suhova, increased requirements to the capital do not kill bank services as try to prove many. So, for example, last year when the threshold of the minimum capital of banks has been increased to 90 million roubles,   quantity of points of service on hundred persons   Only has grown - from 26,4 points of service to 27. Suhov Besides, notices, small banks do not have money for purchase of new products and technologies. Namely they   the next years will move development of bank sector.