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In January Muscovites can Already impart the animals from furiousness in spetspunktah

in January Muscovites can make inoculations from furiousness to the house pupils practically two steps away from the house. On a site of City committee of veterinary science the work schedule privivochnyh points which are organised in each administrative district is hung out. Vetvrachi remind: only the inoculation guarantees to a cat and a dog life even if they will be bitten by a sick animal. And vaccination should be spent every year.

we Will remind, almost annually in capital quarantine on furiousness is entered. So, for example, in October of last year two cases of dangerous disease at cats whom owners took out on summer residences to Mozhaisk and Shatursky areas of Moscow suburbs have been registered. Clinical signs of furiousness at murok - poor fellows were showed only after returning in city apartments. Owners have suffered from their stings. After that for two months quarantine for territories of areas Southern Butovo (JUZAO), by Kuzminki and Ryazan (JUVAO) has been entered.

a situation with furiousness in Moscow suburbs the strained. According to Moscow Rospotrebnadzora, in 2010 sick animals have bitten people in Naro - Fominsk, Taldomsky, Istrinsky, Chekhovian, Mozhaisk, Ruzsky, Lotoshinsky, Voskresensky, Odintsovo. Stupinsky, Leninsk area areas. In the summer Muscovites take out to area from 100 thousand to 150 thousand dogs and cats. All of them without an inoculation can become an easy mark of sick animals - more often foxes or raccoon dogs. Last summer Rosselhoznadzor across Moscow and Moscow Region suggested even to enter the new requirement for export of animals for a city: owners should have at themselves the veterinary passport with marks about the inoculations, made to their pupils. If such document does not appear, vetpatrul will develop the car. However, before business and is not has reached. Obviously, because of the difficult organisation vetkordonov.

Happens that nothing the suspecting owner brings the infected dog and lets out in a court yard... In capital Rospotrebnadzore remind owners of animals: if your pupil has bitten the person, do not escape, and inform the victim the address and deliver a dog or a cat for quarantine for Mosvetstantsiju. In time the made diagnosis can save to the person life. In case of heavy mutilations or death of the victim the criminal liability for infringement of rules of the maintenance of animals is provided.

As have informed in city committee of veterinary science, every year from furiousness are vaccinated more than 300 thousand pets. A saving prick will make free of charge in any of 18 vetklinik Moscow. In each area the round-the-clock state clinic where also will inoculate works also. Besides it a paid inoculation will put in commercial clinics. For convenience of owners of cats and dogs are created exit privivochnye points (all about thousand), them develop in each area of capital in the premises allocated GUISami. As a rule, reception is conducted on Saturdays and Sundays. The help information can be received by phones of the state veterinary station of each district. And still, doctors warn, after an inoculation it is necessary to sustain not less than two weeks before to take out an animal to potentially dangerous place.

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Phone the Hot line Committee of veterinary science of a city of Moscow: 8(495) 633 - 78 - 30 - obra shchenija are accepted daily with 9. 00 to 16. 00 (on the working days).